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10,000 people duped using 10 fake websites from call centres in Noida

After busting two fake call centers in Noida, Bhopal police of Madhya Pradesh is now trying to trace over 10,000 people who were duped on the pretext of cheaper loan by the gang. According to the police, the gang floated 10 fake finance website and offered cheap loans. The gang is estimated to have made over Rs 10 crore in last two years.

The mastermind of the gang has been identified as David Kumar Jatav who along with his fiancé Neha Bhatt and her sister Manisha Bhatt has been arrested by the police. The gang had two call centres in Noida and had employed 30 female telecallers.

The Modus Operandi

The mastermind of the gang was a website developer so he made several fake finance portals like – Life Line, Star Finance, Swift Finance, Fast Growing, Easy Life etc. On the website, they offered loans at a dirt-cheap price. They advertised these portals on Google so that it can appear in the top search result. Considering these portals as real, the customer used to inquire about a loan. Female telecallers had their script ready and they use to gain their confidence. The gang then demanded a fee for processing, safety deposit, taxes and other documentations. As soon the money was transferred by them the gang used to stop taking their calls.

How a fake call centre is a setup

The gang took the entire office on rent at Rs 1.50 lakh per month. They paid a salary of Rs 10,000-15,000 to telecallers. Another gang member Kamal Kashyap, who is absconding, used to arrange SIM card and bank account on fake identity cards. They used to operate one website for 3-4 months in which they used to manage to trap around 1,000 people. The police investigation has revealed that the gang was active for the last two years and have duped over 10,000 people. Their bank account shows that they have amassed over Rs 10 crore from forgery.

The case came to the notice of the Bhopal police after they received a complaint in January. After investigating the case for nine-month they got the breakthrough in the case.


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