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Getting friend request from cops and public personalities, Beware! cybercriminals are after you

To steal your money by gaining your confidence, cybercriminals are now making fake Facebook profiles of public figures like politicians, social workers and even cops to dupe people. Recently, several instances of fake accounts of policemen being created to demand money came to light from different states.

At least four instances where fake Facebook accounts were created in the name of police officers to siphon off money have been reported in Karnataka recently. In a case in Raichur district, a sub-inspector Raghavendra’s account was spoofed and the impersonator sent out a message to friends and relatives to deposit money in e-wallet claiming that he is stuck somewhere and was in dire need of money.

“My friends and family members received a message to transfer money in my name from a different Facebook account stating I was in deep financial trouble. However, my friends knew I’d never ask money from anyone. They called me to crosscheck and I was taken aback. I immediately alerted others about this scam.” Raghavendra said, who also filed a complaint with the police last week.

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Similar incidents were reported from Ballari and Uttara Kannada districts as well. A fake Facebook account was created in the name of Revannasiddappa Jeeramkalgi, sub-inspector of Karwar Rural police station, and messages were sent from it to his multiple friends, requesting money. One of the friends, without crosschecking, sent Rs 7,000 to the account mentioned in the message.

In the month of August, some cyber crooks made a fake Facebook account of Ahmadabad retired IPS officer and demanded money from people who are on his friend list.  The IPS officer who has just retired from police service, Dharnmedrasinh Vaghela, wrote a message on his real account that some unknown person has impersonated his Facebook ID.

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Earlier this week, online fraudsters made a fake Facebook account of Chandigarh Police DSP Dilsher Singh Chandel and demanded money from his friends and relatives, including a few settled abroad. The police officer came to know about the development when several people called him on his cell phone to inquire if he was fine. He lodged a police complaint seeking legal action against the accused. DSP Chandel is in-home quarantine as he was tested COVID-19 positive two weeks ago. His condition is stated to be stable.


Quick Tip:

  • Double-check if the person’s account is verified or if the account is frequently used by him/her.
  • If someone is demanding money it is suggested to call the person and check in-person if the person is in need.
  • Avoid accepting a friend request from an unknown person or someone unrelated.
  • Do not disclose personal information or crucial details to an unknown person on chat.


Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar
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