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6 apps with Joker malware deleted from Google Play Store



Google is again troubled by ‘Joker’ malware which has again invaded the application market- Play store. A cybersecurity firm –Pradeo has found six new applications on Google Play which were infected with the malware. The cyber firm said that these infected applications have got lakhs of download.
The ‘Joker’ malware grabbed headlines after it infected a plethora of devices globally. It resulted in the loss of sensitive information from users on whose devices the malware had infected. The malware has yet again made its way to the Play store and affected some apps which could be installed on your phone. Google had earlier removed as many as 11 apps from the Play store.

“Joker is a malicious bot (categorized as Fleeceware) whose main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users. By using as little code as possible and thoroughly hiding it, Joker generates a very discreet footprint that can be tricky to detect,” Pradeo said in a blog post.
What is Joker Malware:
Joker is a ‘trojan’ malware which is activated only when a user interacts with it in the form of an app installation as such. The virus then goes past the device’s security and is able to render the device useless or even steal information. How it does is by downloading a secured configuration from a command-and-control (C&C) server in the form of an app-installation. The app in question will already infected. The hidden software then installs a follow-up component that steals SMS details under the guise of the host’s interaction with ad websites.

What are the 6 malicious apps infected with Joker malware?
The 6 malicious apps infected with Joker malware have been removed from Google play store. These apps are Safety AppLock, Convenient Scanner 2, Push Message-Texting & SMS, Emoji Wallpaper, Separate Doc Scanner and Fingertip GameBox.
The security firm has also advised users to immediately delete them from their device to avoid fraudulent activities.
What you should do?
If you have any of the above-mentioned apps installed on your smartphone, make sure you uninstall them right away. Also, it will be worth checking your Google Play account for any unwanted subscriptions. Ensure that you thoroughly check your credit card or bank statement for suspicious charges. You should also install a security solution to prevent future infections.

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