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After PUBG Madhan’s Arrest, Cyber Cops Erase Over 600 Obscene Video Content On Social Media

With the increasing amount of time humans are spending on social media, there are equal chances of positive or negative results for users.

Using crude, abusive language, to manipulate naive consumers, and to cheat for personal gain/advantage is slowly becoming a given.

The arrest of PUBG Madhan recently brought to light the vulgarity that inundated his videos, as well as his disdain for women. Cybercrime cops monitored, cracked, and erased obscene content on the internet that went widespread on social media sites. Officials claim that over 600 videos, including the YouTuber’s, have been removed.

Law enforcement agents are acting quickly with the help of media companies, leaving no room for error. Senthil and Charlie, renowned comedians, protested about two phoney Twitter accounts, which were suspended in less than half an hour.

In the last ten days, there have been around 80 videos of massage parlours and tattoo shops with obscene visuals. PUBG Madhan’s YouTube channels “Toxic Madan 18+,” “PUBG Madan girl fan,” and “Richie Gaming” were all taken down by the cybercrime wing. Around 120 videos with obscene content about cosmetic treatments have been removed.

50 more personnel with expertise in cyber law and computer knowledge to be recruited soon in the cybercrime wing. In the cybercrime unit’s social media lab, nearly 24 people are now tracking a number of offenders. The police intend to acquire more advanced technology to apprehend the criminals. When the police get a complaint, they first file a report and then ask the social media company to remove the video. There are occasions when social media companies say that “freedom of speech” is a valid basis for not removing content. Police have factored in and are operating under such instances.

The cybercrime cops have been working hard to delete the obscene content video from the internet as soon as reported. “We have an excellent working relationship with social media companies, and they respond quickly to our needs. We are striking a balance between freedom of speech and negative content,” according to police commissioner Shankar Jiwal.

In the case of PUBG Madhan, an official statement from the commissioner has asked the general public to send their complaints to ‘,’ while ensuring that the details will be kept private. “We get about 2 dozen complaints per day,” says a cybercrime wing officer. After an apprehension, this has increased by fivefold.

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