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Clash Between IAS Officer Akhand Pratap Singh and Advocates in Deoria; DM’s Driver Beaten

A major confrontation occurred between lawyers and the district magistrate over land measurement, resulting in chaos and the beating of the DM’s driver. The entire collectorate area has been transformed into a camp as tensions escalate.



DM Deoria Clash with Advocates

Deoria: A significant conflict erupted between Advocates and the district administration over the measurement of land. The situation deteriorated so badly that a group of lawyers gathered near the District Magistrate’s (DM) chamber, creating a massive uproar. It is alleged that a driver who was part of the DM’s escort was also beaten during the commotion as he was recording the incident. Upon receiving the news, the Superintendent of Police (SP) also reached the spot. The entire collectorate area has been turned into a camp, with heavy police presence trying to manage the situation.

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The incident began in the Barhaj tehsil area, where lawyer Jayashiv Shukla had issues with a road constructed on a portion of his field by the Public Works Department (PWD). The matter escalated when the district bar association president, , visited the DM’s chamber to discuss the removal of the road. During the conversation, an argument broke out between Sinhasan Giri and DM Akhand Pratap Singh, leading to a heated exchange.

As the news spread, a large number of lawyers gathered near the DM’s chamber and started protesting. It is alleged that during this time, some individuals beat a driver who was part of the DM’s escort and also snatched his mobile phone. Upon receiving information about the chaos, a substantial police force arrived at the collectorate. SP Sankalp Sharma also reached the scene to assess the situation, and a large number of police personnel have been deployed at the collectorate since the incident.

Bar association president Sinhasan Giri stated that despite knowing his stature, the DM behaved rudely with him. He demanded an apology, which was refused by the DM. Sinhasan Giri mentioned that four days prior, the administration had measured the road and acknowledged that it was constructed incorrectly.

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When confronted, the DM said the road construction was completed, and no further action could be taken. This led to another argument, and the lawyers demanded an apology from the DM. Singh San Girri accused the DM of various misdeeds and threats. He declared that the lawyers would continue to fight and protest until the administration takes appropriate action.

The entire collectorate has been on high alert, with efforts being made to defuse the situation. However, the lawyers remain adamant and are not willing to compromise.

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