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IPS Officer Ankit Mittal Suspended for Alleged ‘Extra-Marital Affair’.

Ankit Mittal has been an IPS officer since 2014 and was serving at the Chunar Training Center.



Lucknow: In a significant move, the government has suspended IPS officer Ankit Mittal, a 2014 batch officer, who was serving at the Chunar Training Center. The suspension comes after serious allegations of misconduct towards his wife.

Ankit Mittal’s wife filed a complaint alleging severe mistreatment by her husband. Following her complaint, an investigation was initiated which revealed crucial evidence of Ankit Mittal’s ‘relationship’ with a female friend.

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Initially, Ankit Mittal was removed from his position as SP Gonda after his wife’s complaint was taken into account. The ongoing investigation, led by the DG Training, confirmed the allegations, leading to his suspension.

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Additionally, the government has ordered a departmental inquiry into the matter to ensure a thorough investigation. The inquiry will go into the specifics of the misconduct and the nature of his ‘relationship’ with the female friend, providing a detailed report on the allegations.

As the departmental inquiry progresses, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the specifics of the allegations and the evidence gathered. The outcome of the inquiry will determine further actions and potential consequences for Ankit Mittal.

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