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Cyber Crime

Bengaluru Police Warns Against Rising Cases Of Social Media Extortion; Nude Photos Used To Extort Money From Victims



Nude Photos Used To Extort Money From Victims

Bengaluru: The number of cases where criminals create attractive social media fake profiles with malicious intent is rapidly increasing. Scammers use false profiles to entice and induce male victims to share private photos or videos, which are then used to extort money from victims by threatening to expose them.

According to the police, criminals commonly use fake profiles with attractive images on dating apps, social media sites, and matrimonial websites apps to contact victims. For a few days, the conversations will be normal, but once the victim has gained their trust, they will be induced to share intimate/nude photographs and videos with them.

When a fraudster gains access to these private photos or videos, criminals begin extorting money from the victim. The con artists threaten to post their photos and videos on the internet or to share them with his or her relatives, friends and family

On February 24, one such incident was reported to the Cyber Crime Police Station, CID Bengaluru and a criminal case was filed and investigated.

The team of officers and staff led by Nayaz Ahmed, Police Inspector, Cyber Crimes Division, C.I.D was assigned to investigate the case. MD Sharath, SP, Cyber Crimes Division, C.I.D supervised the investigation.

Based on the leads found during the investigation, the Investigating officer and team visited Bharatpur and other places in Rajasthan and were successful in arresting four accused persons from the limits of Pahari Police Station, Bharatpur District, Rajasthan.

Umesh Kumar, IPS, ADGP, CID said Citizens are requested to exercise utmost caution while dealing with any stranger on social media and should make it a practice of using the privacy controls in mobile devices as well as in applications”.

PS Sandhu, IPS, DGP, CID, Economic Offences & Special Units mentioned that “the Cybercrime Division of CID was successful in identifying the accused persons and secure them within short span of time I would urge the public to report to your nearest police station in case you are victim of such scam.”

Few more accused persons who are involved in this crime are absconding and investigation is continued to trace and secure them.

Modus Operandi:

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that the fraudsters target people who use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to collect personal information.

They impersonate a woman and give them a friend request on social media, then begin chatting with them. Later, they initiate video calls with the victimised person(s), entice them to share private photos/videos, and make a copy of it in order to blackmail them for money.

Police Appeal:

• Public is advised to not fall prey to such frauds and exercise caution while accepting any friend request from unknown persons.

 • Privacy controls provided by the social media sites may be used to full extent for avoiding any possible misuse.

• Be careful if the person on other side is trying to develop intimacy.

• Never share or allow any person to view/capture any private or intimate activity on any platform.

• In case of victimisation, the following information will help in the investigation: Details about how the accused person got in touch and platform details.

• Screenshots of the conversation/alleged profile on social media/SMS/email etc. • Details of bank accounts if any payment is already made.