Beware! ‘Joe Biden’ Isn’t Sending You Emails To Get Money For Covid Relief

Beware! ‘Joe Biden’ Isn’t Sending You Emails To Get Money For Covid Relief
Beware! ‘Joe Biden’ Isn’t Sending You Emails To Get Money For Covid Relief

The Covid pandemic has given an opportunity to the digital frauds to target vulnerable people and make a fortune through deceit. No matter who you are, how powerful you may be, the frauds have shown the audacity to target even the most secure systems of the world. 

If you have received a mail or message regarding Corona Virus Relief Fund, then be aware! It’s time to become alert because there is no such fund allocation by any government as of yet.

In the name of Covid – 19 Relief Fund, many people have received mails and messages from someone fraud in the name of US President Joe Biden. 

This mail asks the recipient to contact a person who is alleged to be from the Reserve Bank of India as mentioned in the mail after approval of the fund with all your personal information. 

This process leads the recipient of the mail in revealing their personal information to an unknown source. This is a dangerous proposition as the information can be used any time in future for any illegal activity online.

The best way to avoid such a crime is by staying alert and reporting such mails as and when received. It is also recommended to not open such emails and avoid responding to these emails. 

Block these sources of mail right away and if such a scam has happened with you then never hesitate to contact the Cyber Security Cell, they are always at your service. 

Stay alert and safe because your happiness lies in your hands. Don’t play with your safety just for the sake of some money. Stay precautious and enjoy the quarantine period.

Here’s how the email from the frauds looks like:

Your covid-19 relief fund has been deposited in the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) today after approval from the government you are required to contact them immediately to claim your fund.
This is their contact information:
Customer Service Department
Reserve Bank of India
1st Floor, Amar Building
Sir P.M. Road, Fort
Mumbai-400 001.
Chief General Manager
Krishna Murty
Phone number. +918731043813
Email Address: (  [email protected]  )
Contact them with your below information:
Copy of Your Identity… IF AVAILABLE
This is the deposit details

Deposit Number: RBI-101-PL45 Sort/
Clearance Code: RBI/101-45/P50
Deposit Certificate N0.: 403377
Deposit Description: Bank Deposit ($7,800.00)
We will work with our partners on the ground to allocate funds where they’re most needed kindly contact the bank for your Coronavirus Relief Fund, As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are distributing emergency funding to everyone hit by the pandemic.
Best Regards.
Joe Biden.
46th U.S. President.


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