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Bhopal Tragedy: Family Of 4 Driven to Desperation By Cyber Hacking, Ends in Heartbreaking Suicide



Bhopal Tragedy: Family Of 4 Driven to Desperation By Cyber Hacking, Ends in Heartbreaking Suicide

BHOPAL: In a heart-wrenching incident, a family of four in Bhopal has taken their own lives after allegedly falling victim to cyber fraud and financial crisis.

The police reported that the husband and wife hanged themselves after allegedly poisoning their children, believed to be aged 8 and 3. The motive behind this devastating act appears to be a mounting debt burden and involvement in an online fraud scheme.

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Debt and Financial Struggles

According to the authorities, the deceased couple worked for a private insurance company and had taken a loan that they were unable to repay. Police officials indicated that financial difficulties drove the family to extreme measures, leading to the tragic event.

All four bodies have been sent for postmortem examination to determine the exact cause and time of death.

Discovery of Suicide Note and Sulphate Pills

During the investigation, a suicide note was discovered at the scene, shedding light on the family’s ordeal and the circumstances that led to their untimely demise. Alongside the note, a packet of sulphate pills was also recovered.

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The content of the suicide note exposed the struggles faced by the couple, who felt trapped in a situation that spiraled out of control.

Contents of the Suicide Note

In the heart-wrenching suicide note, the couple narrated their harrowing experiences and expressed remorse for the pain they had caused their loved ones. The note revealed that the husband had unwittingly become involved in an online job opportunity that turned into a nightmare.

The husband described receiving a message about an online job opportunity in April, which promised additional income. Due to his financial needs, he agreed to take on the extra work.

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At first, he experienced some financial benefits, but soon found himself overwhelmed by the workload and unable to keep track of his investments.

The situation worsened when the company he worked for asked him to take a loan. Despite his already tarnished credit history, he reluctantly acquiesced.

The husband acknowledged his mistake in trusting the company and the subsequent pressure he faced from loan recovery agents, who began harassing his family, friends, and colleagues. The note also mentioned the husband’s futile attempts to seek help from the Cyber Crime Office, which were delayed due to a shortage of officers.

Apologies and Desperation

Expressing deep regret, the couple apologized profusely to their family members and requested forgiveness. They acknowledged the pain their actions had caused and shared their hope for a better future for their loved ones. The note concluded with a plea to spare their family members from any further harassment related to the loan and to perform their last rites together.

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Investigation Ongoing

The police are conducting a thorough investigation into the case, examining the authenticity of the suicide note and the online job opportunity that allegedly led to the family’s downfall. Authorities are also working to identify the individuals or groups responsible for the loan fraud and harassment that pushed the family to such a tragic end.

The incident has once again highlighted the growing issue of online fraud and the devastating consequences it can have on individuals and families. It serves as a reminder for individuals to exercise caution and seek professional advice before getting involved in any dubious online schemes.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or experiencing thoughts of suicide, please reach out to a helpline or seek professional help immediately.


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