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Blood Sport Much? Videos Of Dogs Hunting Protected Wildlife Go Viral, No Action Yet

NEW DELHI: A dog is a man’s best friend, but what if man turns these dogs into hunting machines and films the brutal chase and fight between the dogs and wild animals. Yes, we are not talking about a movie script but hundreds of horrifying hunting videos that are being uploaded where trained dogs are chasing and killing wild animals.

In what is seen as a downright failure of the Wildlife crime control department, police and wildlife department, over 70 videos of dogs hunting wildlife animals like leopard, pangolin, deers, owls, blue bulls, snakes and wild pigs are being shared on social media.

Social Media Breeding Ground

Animal activist, Abhinav Srihan and his team at Fauna Police has compiled over 70 killer videos where locals are recording and uploading videos of their dogs chasing and hunting wild animals. While speaking to, Srihan said, “Our team is working round the clock to collect evidence against such crimes. We have found 70 hunting video where trained dogs were used to kill protected species. These locals have made several chat groups, social media group where they share their hunting videos. Our team members as decoy have joined such forums and collected videos and other pieces of evidence.”

Fauna Police in past has exposed several cases of animal cruelty including instances of dogs being misused in blood-mongering fighting tournaments. Actions were initiated but the training of dogs and hunting continues unabated.

Betting Big Money

Srihan highlighted most of the crimes are happening in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and surrounding areas. “Local men are buying expensive breeds of dogs and training them to fight. They torture them and use steroid and medication to enhance performance while betting. Later these dogs are used for fights and hunting. Locals record their videos and post them on social media.”

He said that their organisations have contact details and law enforcement agencies can easily get their geographical locations of all the offenders but the animal protection body is doing too little. “In past, we have shared details of animal cruelty but no action was initiated. Animals killed in videos are protected species which amounts to several years of imprisonment and a huge fine.”

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