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c0c0n 2023: Unveiling the Future of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy



c0c0n 2023: Unveiling the Future of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

KOCHI: In a grand gathering of cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, and government officials, the 16th edition of the C0C0N conference is all set to kick off with the aim of fostering awareness, collaboration, and innovation in the field of information security. This annual event, organized by the Government of Kerala, has grown into a prominent platform for addressing the ever-evolving challenges of the digital world.

Eminent Speakers and Diverse Panels

The event boasts an impressive lineup of distinguished speakers who are set to grace the stage and share their insights. Arif Mohammed Khan, the Governor of Kerala is set to deliver the inaugural address, setting the tone for the discussions that follow. The closing ceremony will witness a speech by P. Rajeev, Minister for Law, Industries, and Coir, Kerala State, India, concluding the event on a powerful note.

Mamta Mohandas, a renowned actress and film producer, will grace the event as a special guest. Alongside, the event will feature keynote speakers such as Arun Kumar Sinha IPS, Chairman of the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) in New Delhi, and S. Somanath, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), among others. These keynote speeches are anticipated to provide valuable insights into the future of cybersecurity and data protection.

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Agenda Day 2 – October 6 – A Sneak Peek into the Event

The event commences with a warm Welcome Address by Manoj Abraham, the ISP Director of Vigilance & Anti Corruption Bureau, Government of Kerala, India, setting the stage for the day’s proceedings. Following this, Thekke Kadampat Rajan, Chief General Manager of the Department of Supervision, RBI, India, will deliver a Keynote Address emphasizing the critical role of vigilance and regulatory bodies in maintaining the cybersecurity landscape.

Insights from Keynote Addresses

Two prominent keynote addresses are scheduled for the day. Lt General MU Nair, AVSM, SM, the National Cyber Security Coordinator of the Government of India, will take the stage to provide insights and strategies to bolster cybersecurity in the country. This will be followed by K. N. Unnikrishnan, Hon’ble MLA from the State of Kerala, India, delivering a Presidential Address underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts in ensuring a secure digital future.

A Grand Inauguration

The event is set to witness a unique inauguration as the ceremonial drums beat in unison, signifying the collective effort required to make the cyber world safe. Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan, The Hon’ble Governor of Kerala, will then deliver the Inaugural Address, providing a visionary perspective on the advancements and challenges in the cybersecurity domain.

Exploring Cyber Threats and Technology

The conference will also host a diverse panel of experts from various sectors of the industry. A panel discussion titled nGen Cyber Threats – 2024 and Beyond: Embracing Chaos, Taking Charge will delve into the imminent cyber threats and the strategies needed to combat them. Moderated by Murli Nambiar, the panel comprises industry leaders including Vishal Salvi, Jacxine Fernandez, A Shiju Rawther, and Sridhar Govardhan.

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Insights and Innovation in Cybersecurity

Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to attend enlightening sessions on a variety of cybersecurity topics. Suvin Mullaseril, Manager Networks Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks, will discuss Cybersecurity in the Era of AI, offering valuable insights into how AI is revolutionizing cybersecurity strategies. Kumar Ritesh, Founder, Chairman and CEO of CYFIRMA, will shed light on the need to adapt and choose between Conventional CTI Or NextGen External Threat Landscape Management.

A Glimpse into the Future

The day will conclude with a look into the future. Dr. Altaf Shaik, a Senior Security Researcher at Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, will share insights on Securing the Future: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges in the Age of 5G, a critical topic as we stand on the cusp of a 5G revolution. Dr. Mahesh Kalyanaraman, Associate Vice President – Risk and Compliance at HCL Technologies, India, will explore the Influence of Artificial Intelligence in GRC Space.

Agenda Day 3 – October 7 : Unveiling the Future

The day begins with a Keynote Address by Arun Kumar Sinha IPS, Chairman of the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), New Delhi. The speech is anticipated to set the tone for the event, offering crucial insights into the world of cybersecurity.

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Following this, the focus shifts to unraveling the complexities of cybercrime investigations. Praveen Sinha IPS delves into the Jurisprudence of Cyber Crime Investigations, providing valuable insights into the legal dimensions of cyber offenses. The session aims to enhance understanding and efficacy in addressing cybercrime.

Tackling Cyber Threats

Security breaches are a growing concern, especially for defense organizations. Sathwik Ram Prakki, a Security Researcher II from Quick Heal, will shed light on Evasion Tactics of SideCopy & APT36, persistent threats targeting Indian Defense Organizations. This crucial session aims to equip attendees with the knowledge to counter such evolving threats.

The Impact of Data Protection Laws

A significant highlight of the day will be a session exploring the implications of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act enacted on August 11, 2023. The session, presented by Rahul Sharma, Founder of The Perspective & Grade Ace, will elucidate “The DPDPA Effect,” contemplating its influence on India’s digital economy, individual lives, and organizational compliance.

Emerging Threats and Innovation

The second day of the conference kicks off with a session by Aditya Vasekar, Senior Principal Product Security at Microsoft, who will discuss “Putting a Leash on AI,” a crucial topic in the realm of evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Strategies to Combat Cyber Threats

The afternoon sessions present a panel discussion on “Evolving Threat Landscape: Strategies for Adapting and Innovating in Cybersecurity.” Moderated by Vikas Arora, Senior Vice President – Global IT & Security at ITWP, the discussion will feature insights from experts like Sanjay Singh, Baidyanath Kumar, Saurabh Gugnani, Gokulavan Jayaraman, and Vijay Nair.

A Glimpse into Future Technologies

The day unfolds with enlightening sessions, including a discussion on Generative AI and Cyber Crimes by Brijesh Singh, IPS, Additional Director General of Police, Government Of Maharashtra, India, and a Keynote Address by S. Somanath, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India, shedding light on the space agency’s cybersecurity endeavors.

Honouring Distinguished Contributors

The event culminates with a grand Closing Ceremony graced by eminent personalities, including Dr. Shaik Darvesh Saheb IPS, DGP, State Police Chief, Kerala State, India, and Adv. M. Anil kumar,  Mayor, Kochi Corporation, Kerala, India. The ceremony will also honour the special guest, Mamta Mohandas, Actress and Film Producer, India, and feature the distribution of certificates and mementos, signifying the close of this remarkable cybersecurity odyssey.

c0c0n 2023 is not merely an event; it’s a collaborative endeavor to safeguard the digital future, an opportunity to glean wisdom from seasoned experts, and a platform to fuel innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for extensive coverage and insights into this cyber journey.

c0c0n 2023 promises to be an enlightening event, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to deliberate on pressing issues in the cybersecurity and data protection realm. With an array of informative sessions and esteemed speakers, attendees are set to gain invaluable knowledge and insights into the future of digital security. Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth coverage of this groundbreaking event. c0c0n 2023 is not just an event; it’s a collective step towards a safer and secure cyber world.


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