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Conman Arrested For Posing As Banker And Duping Aligarh Woman Of Rs 1.10 Lakh

Shambhavi Singh in ALIGARH: A member from the cyber criminal gang which duped bank customers by posing as customer support or credit card executives was arrested by Aligarh Cyber Police.

According to the police, on November 6, 2020 Aligarh resident Veena Sagar registered an FIR against becoming a victim of the gang and lost Rs 1.10 lakh. The complaint was registered under IPC Section 420, 120B and 66D. 

Based on technical surveillance the gang member was tracked and arrested. During questioning, he revealed that members of the gang got data of bank customers. They target them posing as a bank representative or technical team. They usually scare their target by saying that your account has been locked or deactivated. They try to extract their sensitive banking details using different tricks.

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The gang members have their script ready and sound professional to appear genuine. After giving a false sense of security, the caller then tricks the victim into giving away their personal and confidential data such as One-Time-Password (OTP), Credit/debit card number, CVV number [Card Verification Value – 3 to 4 digit number printed on the flip side of the card], Secure password and other sensitive details.

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After getting access to such crucial information it becomes extremely easy for criminals to siphon off money. They usually transfer money to his MibiKwick account from where it is further transferred to two separate bank accounts and his accomplice withdraws this money from ATM.


  • Only use sites that begin with https and pay special attention to the URL addresses. They may appear to be original at first glance, but they may have been subtly altered to look the same. For online banking, only use verified, safe, and trusted websites, i.e. those that begin with https:. Avoid using public, open, or free networks for banking.
  • Do not reveal your user id or password to anyone. To avoid hacking, change your password on a regular basis. Passwords that are easily guessable should be avoided.
  • Register your cell phone number and email address with your bank to receive fast alerts. If you receive an alert concerning a transaction that you did not initiate or authorise, you should immediately contact your bank.
  • When banking online, you should take a few extra measures. For example, do not keep sensitive banking information in your phone, email, or wallet.
  • Change the pins on your ATM cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards on a regular basis. If the cards are lost or stolen, they must be blocked immediately. While withdrawing cash, keep a tight eye on ATMs.
  • RBI employees and executives will never call anyone. If someone phones you and claims to be from the RBI, do not provide any personal information about your account.

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