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Cyber And Digital E-Conference Calls For Submissions Of Papers And E-Posters



Cyber And Digital E-Conference Calls For Submissions Of Papers And E-Posters

NEW DELHI: The 6th International e-Conference for Cyber and Digital Forensics, jointly organized by the International Association of Scientists and Researchers and the Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science will have a competition for Papers and e-Posters on June 26-27, 2021.

The 6th International e-Conference is held in honour of Late Neeraj Arora, a prominent lawyer and a valuable contributor to the field of Cyber and Digital Forensics. The conference is calling for submissions of papers and e-posters as part of their scientific competition.

Participants can share their valuable experience with the panel by presenting papers and e-posters on forensics-related issues. The boats to sail are mutually exclusive for the participating students and professionals. As a result, the winners of the e-poster and paper competition in both categories – students and professionals – will receive the following cash prizes:

INR 2000 – WINNER1 Student, 1 Professional1 Student, 1 Professional
INR 1500 – SECOND PRIZE1 Student, 1 Professional1 Student, 1 Professional
INR 1000 – THIRD PRIZE1 Student, 1 Professional1 Student, 1 Professional

(A Total of 12 cash prizes – INR 18000 in total)

Furthermore, the best papers will be published in the Academic Journal of Forensic Science, IASR, and will earn a free scholarship. The participants will be honoured with scientific excellence awards as a gesture of their appreciation.

Both the paper and the e-Poster must have an abstract (350 words for the paper and 300 words for the e-Poster) and be presented as powerpoint presentations (8 minutes and 5 minutes for the paper and e-Poster, respectively). Participants can offer their valuable expertise through these submissions, which will be reviewed by the conference’s prestigious jury based on the participants’ knowledge and presenting skills. The following are some additional crucial principles and details.

The event’s website has also been updated with the meticulously detailed requirements for abstract submissions. For paper, go here, and for an e-poster, go here. Following that, the paper template can be obtained here, and the e-poster template can be obtained here. The deadline for submitting papers and e-posters, as well as their abstracts, is June 15, 2021.

The competition’s registration fee is Rs 500, and further information on how to pay it may be found here.

Participants will be able to compete in both paper and e-poster formats and have an equal chance of winning in each. The team has also posted some of the other Frequently Asked Questions on its website.

The programme would be comprised of talks by eminent national and international specialists, as well as e-paper presentations, e-Poster presentations, discussions, and awards for scientific merit.

The following speakers would be addressing the conference

  1. Dr. Gaurav Gupta – Cyber UnSafe: How Not to be the Target of Cyber Criminals
  2. Rakshit Tandon – Digital Forensics – Challenges and New Domains
  3. Samir Datt – Future Trends in Digital Forensics and Investigations
  4. Dusan Kozusnik – Taking Phone Forensics to the Limit with MOBILedit
  5. Dr. Rajesh Verma – Overview of Digital Multimedia Forensics
  6. Prof. Triveni Singh, IPS – Latest Trends in Cyber Crimes and Best Mitigation Strategies
  7. Santosh Khadsare – Challenges and Future of Digital Forensics
  8. Abhishek Kumar – Browser Forensics: Are We Missing Something?
  9. Deepak Kumar – Demystifying Dark Web Forensics.

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