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Different Strokes for Different Folks? Activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj Highlights Gender Bias in Adultery Cases

The recent cases of DySP Kripa Shankar and SDM Jyoti Maurya have ignited a debate on the differing standards applied to male and female public officials accused of adultery. While Shankar faced professional demotion, Maurya experienced no formal action despite substantial evidence, highlighting perceived gender biases within the legal and administrative systems.



DySP Kripa Shankar and SDM Maurya

In a recent X post by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, a prominent men’s rights activist, the starkly different outcomes of two adultery cases involving public officials in India have sparked widespread debate. DySP Kripa Shankar was demoted to constable rank after being found with a female colleague in a hotel, while SDM Jyoti Maurya faced no departmental action despite her husband’s public allegations of extramarital affairs and corruption.

Kripa Shankar, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, was demoted to the rank of constable after being caught with a female colleague in a hotel three years ago while on leave. As a married man, his behavior was deemed unbecoming of an officer, and he was professionally punished for ‘adultery’. This demotion reflects a strict stance taken against such conduct within the police force, aligning with expectations of moral and ethical standards for police officers.

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In contrast, SDM Jyoti Maurya’s case unfolded quite differently. Despite her husband’s accusations, supported by audio recordings and WhatsApp chats, indicating her involvement in extramarital affairs and corruption, no departmental action was taken against her. Her alleged lover was suspended, but Maurya herself faced no repercussions. Her husband’s withdrawal of corruption charges further complicated the situation, leading to no formal inquiry into her actions. This case raises questions about the consistent application of standards for public officials, especially when charges of similar nature are involved.

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The disparity in the handling of these cases has drawn significant public attention and commentary. One comment do Deepika’s post read, “In search of finding rights for women we lost Men!”. Anothere lamented “The legal system has basically given a green light to all women in India that they will almost never be held accountable for anything. As for men, they really have to be careful.”
In a lighter vein, one user posted “Nusrat Jahan, an MP married to Jain with full pomp & show delivered a baby whose father was Yash Dasgupta. If lawmakers are having so much fun then why not an SDM.”

These comments highlight a perception of gender bias in the enforcement of professional and legal standards, with many feeling that men are more harshly penalized for similar offenses.

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