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Delhi Police Burst Global Cyber Crime Ring, Arrest 1 Nigerian National In Bengaluru

NEW DELHI: A Nigerian national was arrested by Delhi Police for allegedly hacking and scamming people’s WhatsApp accounts.

Okwudiri Paschal, the accused, was apprehended after a former bureaucrat filed a complaint with the police station.

According to authorities, the accused was a member of a Nigerian-based organisation that does social media searches for individuals.

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According to the complainant, he received a WhatsApp message claiming that the WhatsApp services are being updated, and that the system is producing a 6-digit number. When the complainant typed his phone number followed by the 6-digit code provided in the message, his WhatsApp account stopped working, implying that it had been hijacked.

The organisation, which is based in Nigeria, searches for people on social networking platforms such as Facebook before zeroing down on them. According to investigators, they used to target wealthy individuals.

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Following the selection of the targets, their phone numbers were obtained. Once an account was compromised, the hacker’s WhatsApp ID was used to send messages to contacts expressing financial necessity.

The Delhi Police has also learned that the entire backend operation, from generating the 6-digit code to transmitting messages, is run totally from Nigeria. According to authorities, they are looking at legal options to apprehend the group operating out of Nigeria.

The complaint provided the bank account information to which money was transferred by victims. According to police, the bank account was tracked to Bengaluru.

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Following this, a joint team of Delhi Police set up a trap near ATMs in Bengaluru’s Banaswadi, where transactions in the aforementioned bank account were observed.

When the accused went to withdraw money on November 16, the police squad apprehended him. According to authorities, he had seven ATM cards, numerous SIM cards, and four mobile phones in his possession.

During interrogation, authorities discovered that the organisation defrauded hundreds of people across India.

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