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Everything You Need To Know: Why Facebook Is Suddenly Shutting Down Its Face Recognition System

NEW DELHI: Meta Platforms Inc, a newly renamed internet company, stated late Tuesday that it intends to discontinue the Face Recognition system — a tool it deployed in 2010 — on its social networking site Facebook.

What Was The Role Of Face Recognition System

This face recognition programme recognised persons in Facebook images and suggested that users tag these people in the photos, therefore connecting them to the tagged person’s profile.

According to Jerome Pesenti, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Meta, Facebook has offered individuals the opportunity to be automatically alerted when they appear in images or videos shared by others, as well as recommendations for who to tag in photos. These capabilities are also driven by the Face Recognition technology, which is being phased down by the firm.

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What Will Happen After The Shutdown

According to Pesenti, more than a third of Facebook’s daily active users have enabled the Face Recognition setting and can be recognised, and its removal will result in the elimination of more than a billion people’s individual face recognition templates. Furthermore, those who have enabled the Face Recognition setting will no longer be recognised automatically in images and videos, and Facebook will destroy the facial recognition template that was used to identify them.

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Why Is Facebook Shutting Down Face Recognition system

Facebook has faced a flurry of lawsuits, government investigations in the United States, and general privacy concerns over the years, with facial recognition at the centre of it all.

According to Pesenti’s blog post, “making this adjustment needed considerable deliberation, because we have seen a number of locations where consumers using platforms might greatly appreciate facial recognition.”

However, the numerous particular cases where face recognition might be useful must be balanced against rising worries about the usage of this technology in general.

Many people are concerned about the role of face recognition technology in society, and authorities are still working to develop a clear set of laws limiting its usage. In the face of this continued ambiguity, we feel that restricting the deployment of facial recognition to a limited range of use cases is justified.

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According to The New York Times, while Facebook intends to destroy facial recognition templates by December of this year, it will not remove DeepFace – a sophisticated algorithm that runs the system. According to a Meta spokeswoman, the business has not ruled out the possibility of putting facial recognition technology into future products.

Multiple state-owned entities are hooking up face recognition technology software systems with a rapidly extending network of closed-circuit cameras at some of India’s major airports and train stations to pan through databases of photographs to identify individuals in real-time.

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