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Cyber Crime

EXCLUSIVE: These Indian Companies Have Direct Link With Chinese Cyber Criminals, Check Full List Here



EXCLUSIVE: These Indian Companies Backed By Chinese Cyber Criminals Are Cheating By Offering Instant Loan, Part-Time Job & High Crypto Investment, Check Full List Here

NEW DELHI: Recent crackdown by different law enforcement agencies against various online frauds has exposed the direct link of Chinese criminals behind these scams. Through their Indian partner companies, Chinese cybercriminals are controlling the fraud syndicate.  

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These cyber criminals cheat innocent Indians by offering attractive part-time jobs, high cryptocurrency investment returns or by offering instant loans. These offers are no less than a death trap as in last couple of years many people have lost their hard-earned money and resorted to ending their lives.

These scammers float new apps, websites, social media accounts and WhatsApp/Telegram channels to reach out to their target. They pump money to advertise these platforms and reach more people but as soon people start investing in them, they siphon off all the money and transfer it to foreign shores – mostly China via cryptocurrencies.

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