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Fake Call Centre Duping Customers As Amazon Staff Busted By Delhi Police, Seven Arrested



Fake Call Centre Duping Customers As Amazon Staff Busted By Delhi Police, Seven Arrested

NEW DELHI: Delhi police on Thursday raided a bogus call centre in West Delhi’s Tilak Nagar area and arrested seven people for allegedly duping hundreds of international nationals by posing as Amazon Technical Support representatives.

Police said three owners of the facility and four tele-callers were arrested in the crackdown.

According to police, the West district’s cyber cell received a tip-off regarding a shady call centre operating in the Tilak Nagar neighbourhood. A team led by Inspector Arun Chauhan conducted the raid and caught four tele-callers, including a 23-year-old woman cheating people over calls. The owners of the call centre were asked to show the documents and permission to run the facility but they failed to produce it.

During interrogation, the owners confessed that based on the personal data of customers they used to cheat them by making calls.

Police said the four employees were acting as Amazon Technical Support when they made the calls. To deceive customers, they would read the written transcription (as Amazon staff would). They would inform the clients that their account had been compromised or that it had been used to make unauthorised purchases. Then, under the guise of assisting them, they would take down their account information and siphon money from their bank accounts by purchasing gift cards.

During their questioning, police discovered that they had been running the call-center for the last six months and that each caller was given Rs 30,000 per month in remuneration.

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