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Abuse of Power

Dr. Pooja Khedkar Used Fake Disability Certificate to Get into the IAS? X (Twitter) User Makes Viral Claim!

Dr. Pooja Khedkar, an IAS officer, is at the center of a storm after an X user claimed she used a fake disability certificate to secure her position. The allegations have gone viral, raising serious concerns about misuse of reservations and fraudulent practices in the administrative services.



Dr Puja Khedkar IAS

Pune: Dr. Puja Khedkar, a controversial figure who has been accused of fraudulent practices to gain entry into the prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The allegations against Dr. Khedkar include submitting a fake disability certificate to secure her position, a practice that has been heavily criticized and exposed by the X (formerly Twitter) account @IamTheStory__.

Dr. Puja Khedkar allegedly submitted a ‘fake disability certificate’ to fraudulently gain entry into the IAS. Her father, Dilip Khedkar, a state government officer, reportedly amassed an eye-popping wealth with declared assets exceeding Rs 100 crore, while his annual income was only Rs 1 crore. This discrepancy has raised eyebrows and questions about the integrity of the family’s financial declarations.

During her probation as a trainee IAS officer, Dr. Khedkar’s alleged self-entitlement and arrogance made her infamous among her colleagues. She was accused of demanding privileges such as a car, bungalow, and security guard, which were beyond her entitlement as a trainee. This behavior was reported extensively and highlighted in various media outlets.

Beacon, VIP Car, and Office: IAS Trainee Puja Khedkar’s ‘VIP’ Demands Spark Uproar

In 2021, Dr. Khedkar was selected as an Assistant Director in the Sports Authority of India under the OBC PwBD1 category. However, by 2023, she mysteriously changed her category from PwBD1 to PwBD5, which facilitated her selection as an IAS officer. This manipulation of disability categories has been heavily criticized and questioned.

From the outset of her career as an IAS, Dr. Khedkar was known for making unreasonable demands. She sent WhatsApp messages to her officer colleagues demanding a car, bungalow, security guard, and a cabin of her choice, despite being just a trainee. This behavior led to multiple complaints and a transfer order from the Maharashtra government.

Dr. Khedkar sought a VIP number plate and placed a red beacon on a private Audi car allegedly gifted to her by a contractor. She also snatched the Pune collector’s private chamber and placed a beacon on the gifted Audi car. Despite being advised against using the red beacon, she refused to comply.

Her father, Diliprao Khedkar, a retired officer in the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), and a member of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA), allegedly used his influence to pressure senior officials to fulfill his daughter’s demands. Ironically, despite his immense wealth and political influence, Dr. Khedkar utilized reservation quotas meant for the underprivileged.

Dr. Khedkar’s family has a history of civil service. Her grandfather was a civil servant, and her mother is an elected sarpanch of Bhalgaon in Ahmednagar district. Despite this privileged background, Dr. Khedkar manipulated the reservation system to gain an unfair advantage.

‘Chirkutai’ of UP IAS Officer Leads to Transfer: Personal Car Leased to Government

In 2022, Dr. Khedkar’s appointment was denied, following which she filed an affidavit claiming to be visually impaired and mentally ill. The court scheduled her medical examination four times, but she failed to appear, resulting in the tribunal refusing to grant her relief. However, in 2023, her affidavit under the Rights of Disabilities Act, 2016, was accepted, and her appointment was approved.

The Maharashtra government, following numerous complaints and a detailed 25-page letter from the Pune collector, decided to transfer Dr. Khedkar from Pune to Washim. This transfer was seen as a response to her continuous misuse of power and fraudulent claims.

Dr. Khedkar became an IAS officer under the OBC non-creamy layer category. However, her father’s election affidavit revealed his wealth to be worth Rs 40 crore, raising questions about their eligibility for the non-creamy layer reservation. Despite admitting to being mentally ill and a person with multiple disabilities, Dr. Khedkar skipped medical examinations several times, further tarnishing her reputation.

The revelations about Dr. Pooja Khedkar have sparked widespread outrage and criticism on social media. An account named BhartiyNiveshak (@BhartiyNiveshak) expressed frustration, stating, “If tomorrow by some magic babudom disappears from India 99% of it will get fixed.” Another user, maverick_ayan (@ayan_2587), lamented the state of the UPSC exams, saying, “Used to think that UPSC stood the test of times and was one of the few clean entrance exams left in India. But seems like it has also bitten the dust. Corruption, corruption everywhere!” Shiv Nayak (@nshiv) commented on the broader implications, criticizing both corruption and reservation policies: “Corruption & Reservation has ruined the country.. not what it takes to apply reservation based on economic background rather than caste? But then how will these politicians bast**ds get their vote if they don’t keep caste & religion intact?”

This story is based on a viral post by an X user, The Story Teller (@IamTheStory__).

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