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Gamer Ankush Fights To Reclaim His Hijacked YouTube Account



Gamer Ankush Fights To Reclaim His Hijacked YouTube Account

NEW DELHI: The craze of online gaming has gone so high that cybercriminals are going to any extent to cheat people. The recent victim of identity theft is Kerala’s most popular YouTuber who is only 12-years-old. Popularly known as Ankush Freefire for his extraordinary gaming skills, the boy is now fighting a battle to reclaim his YouTube channel which has been allegedly hijacked by an imposter.

According to the complaint, Ankush Freefire is one of the most popular Indian freefire content creators who hosts Kerala’s top gaming channel. He had more than 5 million subscribers on his channel.

Ankush is well known among gamers for his amazing gameplay and incredible control over the video game. His YouTube channel gained popularity as he was only 11-year –old when he started his channel – ( but now his account has been hijacked and the channel’s name is changed to Alpha freefire ( ), the complaint to Kerala police said.  Ankush now has a new email

“Ankush  is just 12-years-old and is student. He hardly knew anything about account security. He trusted the person who promised to improve the graphics and editing of his video but later on he cheated and hijacked his YouTube channel,” Ankush mother Raji Suresh told

His mother said Ankush created his account using google account – As a kid he did not had technical details and no recovery details were given.

The first 51 videos that have been uploaded on his channel were from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The problem started after the hijacker came up with suggestion to edit his videos and add graphics. To help Ankush with edits he asked for his account password.

As per the complaint, the accused kept uploading videos from March 2020 to February 2021. In February the hijacker took complete control of the account. Hacker removed Ankush device and removed internal phone memory linked to it. Despite complaints made to Google, no action has been taken. The tech giant claims that the account is not hacked. Ankush’s family has now reached Kerala cyber police to probe the matter.

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