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Gifting Scam: Widow Duped Of Rs 80 Lakh By Cybercrooks Posing As UK Based Doctor



Gifting Scam: Widow Duped Of Rs 80 Lakh By Cybercrooks Posing As UK Based Doctor

BENGALURU: Posing as UK-based cardiologist, cybercriminals have duped a 50-year-old single mother who is also a heart patient of Rs 80 lakh that she was saving for her treatment and children’s education.

According to reports, the woman, residing in Bengaluru, was tricked and lost almost Rs 80 lakh to cybercriminals who imitated as UK-based cardiologist, an official of the finance ministry, and IGI Airport in Delhi.

In her complaint, the victim said that on January 23, she came across a profile on Instagram named – Mavis Hormon, a Cardiologist settled in the UK. As a single mother and a heart patient, the victim found Mavis a potential partner.

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They soon became friends on social media and started exchanging personal details. During their conversations, Hormon brought the topic of getting her treated. Soon, Hormon informed the victim that he had sent her a surprise gift via courier. Days later, his accomplice posing as Customs authorities, informed her that they had discovered 35,000 pounds in the present package.

Conmen who were impersonating a customs officer demanded money to get clearance of huge sum of the foreign currency sent by Hormon. After paying the amount the officer started demanding more money on the pretext of conversion charges, taxes, transferring charges, etc.

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On the advice of Hormon, the victim paid money multiple times but once all the money got exhausted she stopped paying. To scare her further, another conman this time posing as an official of the Home Ministry called her and took the name of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He demanding extra money and instructed her to speed up the transfer process as Delhi was going under lockdown and if any delay would land her in legal trouble.

According to the police, after making the payment of almost Rs 80 lakh, criminals switched off their phone and deactivated their social media account. It was then when she realized that she was conned by a gang of cybercriminals.

The woman told the cops that a part of the money belonged to her late husband. She was saving up for her treatment and her children’s education.

An FIR was registered at Banashankari police against the prime suspect, Mavis Hormon. A case of forgery, cheating, and impersonation has been registered against the accused.

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