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Goa Gets Its First Cyber Forensics Lab After A Wait Of 8 Years

PANJIM: Goa’s first cyber forensics laboratory opened its doors at the Goa police’s cyber crime cell in Ribandar On Wednesday.

The lab is supposed to aid in the identification of cybercrime throughout the state. Until recently, more than half of all cybercrime cases recorded in the state had to be closed owing to a lack of evidence.

The Goa government first approved the establishment of a cybercrime cell in the state in December 2013, along with the authority to hire technical personnel. However, the lab’s establishment did not take place.

Now that it is operational, the laboratory is expected to aid investigations involving the use of technology and instruments to detect cybercrime and forensic investigations into such crimes.

According to crime branch SP Shobit Saxena, the lab is a well-equipped, dedicated facility where trained police employees will use digital and forensics analysis for detection, extraction, and analysis of data to help bring cyber offenders to justice.

So far, no one in the state has been convicted of a cyber crime. Since 2014, 118 cases have been registered at Ribandar’s cyber crime unit, with 61 cases receiving closure reports.

Police, on the other hand, stated that the two bogus call centres recently busted in the state were discovered through investigations at the new lab.

The Union government sanctioned Rs 1.4 crore for Goa police to establish the cyber lab last year.

So far, financial crimes involving cheating, credit card frauds, money laundering, cyber photography involving the production and distribution of pornographic material, sale of illegal articles such as narcotics, weapons, and wildlife, intellectual property crimes such as theft of computer source code, software piracy, copyright infringement, trademark violation, virus deployment, cyber-attack, cyber-terrorism, and so on have been reported in Goa. Investigating them necessitates computer abilities, primarily for on-site disc imaging and lead analysis and tracking.

Aside from cyber crime detection, the digital forensic lab (DFL) is also able to conduct all forms of training across a wide variety of digital forensic skills.

The lab also has the capability to conduct forensic investigations and data recovery operations. DFL, which is fully equipped with certified digital forensics software, can assist in giving forensic knowledge to any mobile, computer, or hard disc incident, according to authorities.

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