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Cyber Firm Group-IB Sells Russian Business to Local Management, Rebrands as F.A.C.C.T



Group-IB Sells Russian Business to Local Management, Rebrands as F.A.C.C.T

Group-IB, a Singapore-based global cybersecurity leader, has announced its withdrawal from the Russian market as part of its regional business diversification strategy. The move comes after the sale of the company’s Russian assets to local management, and the creation of a new brand, F.A.C.C.T. Group-IB.

Completion of Second Stage of Business Diversification

The withdrawal from the Russian market represents the completion of the second stage of the regional business diversification strategy announced by Group-IB in July 2022. The strategy involved changes to the ownership structure, separation of business and technical units, and the withdrawal of Group-IB’s branding and trademarks from the Russian market.

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Group-IB’s operations will now focus solely on non-Russian markets, with employees relocated and local talent hired to ensure key teams are fully staffed to protect clients in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Group-IB’s proprietary Unified Risk Platform and all relevant technologies to protect against cyberattacks, data breaches, fraud, brand violations, and phishing remain the property of Group-IB Global Private Ltd.

Decentralized Network of Independent Digital Crime Resistance Centers

Group-IB is working to implement a long-term strategy to create a global, decentralized network of independent Digital Crime Resistance Centers (DCRC). The DCRCs are equipped with expertise to assess local specificities and threat landscapes, with researchers investigating cybercrimes, responding to incidents, and assessing regional trends to support its client base and growing partner network.

Expansion in Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern Markets

Group-IB Global Private Ltd. intends to continue its expansion in the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets with the opening of Group-IB Digital Crime Resistance Centers in Thailand and Saudi Arabia in 2023, and India in 2024.

Group-IB has been committed to fighting cybercrime since its founding in 2003, and has become the most influential force in the global campaign against it. The company was named an official Europol partner in 2015 and signed an agreement with INTERPOL in 2017 to become an official private-sector partner of the international crime fighting organization.

Group-IB’s products are recognized by leading independent consultancy and advisory firms such as Gartner, Forrester, and Frost & Sullivan.

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Sale of Russian Assets and Valuation

As per the agreement, Group-IB co-founder and CEO Dmitry Volkov is no longer a shareholder of the Russian company after selling his 10% stake in the Russian asset. At the same time, Group-IB co-founder Ilya Sachkov sold his stake (37.5%) in Singapore-based Group-IB Global Private Ltd. to members of the company’s top management. The valuation of both transactions will remain undisclosed.

“Ever since we founded Group-IB, and continuously as we forged our path to be an independent leader in the global cybersecurity market, we have never kept where we come from a secret. From this point onwards, as we exit the Russian market, the future of Group-IB is solely focused on non-Russian markets,” said Dmitry Volkov, CEO of Group-IB.

Group-IB’s withdrawal from the Russian market reflects its commitment to fighting cybercrime and expanding its global network of Digital Crime Resistance Centers to better protect clients against cyber threats.

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