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आओ देखे ज़रा, किस्में कितना है दम : Break The Code And Win The Prize

NOIDA: Together with Root64 Infosec Foundation, the Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) will hold a world-class Capture The Flag (CTF) competition to break the passwords on mobile devices that are locked.

The goal of this event is to see how well the best tools and technologies that can help law enforcement agencies solve complicated and technical crimes work.

There are a lot of companies that claim they can break into any mobile phone and find out the password or passcode. We invite representatives from tech companies, OEMs, vendors, start-ups, and researchers to put on a live demonstration to show off their skills and abilities.

Send your profile to to participate in the event.

Popular forensics tools will be tested by a jury set up by the Root64 Foundation, which is one of the best organisations for investigating corporate crimes.

The goal of this research is to find out more about these tools so that law enforcement can use them better.

All of the participants will be given a locked cell phone from a different brand, and they will have to figure out the password and get the data out of it.

Here are some details about the locked cell phones:

– iPhone on December 13, 2014

– Oneplus Nord 2

– The Samsung S21 and up

– Vivo Y15 2020

– Infinix Smart5

All of the phones listed above are locked with passwords that are a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

A cash prize and a certificate signed by the dignitaries and experts will be given to the winning companies.

The winner of the event will get Rs 3 lakh from the Root64 Infosec Foundation. The second- and third-place runners-up will each get Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh.

We also invite companies or organisations to partner with us or sponsor the event. Those interested can send an email to

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