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Here’s How Hackers’ Attempt To Siphon Off Rs 145 Crore From UP’s Cooperative Bank Account Was Blocked



Here's How Hackers' Attempt To Siphon Off Rs 145 Crore From UP’s Cooperative Bank Account Was Blocked

LUCKNOW: Unidentified cybercriminals compromised the account of Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Bank Limited (UPCB) on Saturday. Hackers infiltrated the internet security system of the UP Cooperative Bank and stole Rs 145 crore from the bank’s account; however, the bank seized the money.

Fortunately, UPCB officials were vigilant by blocking the funds in time. They foiled the cybercriminals’ plans by securing the funds. The Cyber Police Station has received a report regarding this incident. According to the Cyber Crime Police Station, an investigation has been initiated following the filing of a report.

According to police officials, officials at the Hazratganj branch of the Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Bank (UPCB) on Saturday noticed an online debit of Rs 146 Crore from the bank account. As the amount was substantial so cyber criminals could not immediately withdraw the money. Meanwhile, officials of UPCB contacted authorities, froze the funds in time, and also managed to get back a large chunk of money into the account.

The cybercrime police station was then notified and FIR was registered. According to SP Cyber Crime Triveni Singh, an investigation has been initiated after UPCB officials filed a complaint.

Ex-employee under suspicion

According to sources, the role of a former employee of the Cooperative bank has come under scrutiny. The former employee, who was under suspicion, arrived at the UPCB office with an unidentified person and tampered the system. The incident was caught on camera, and is now being investigated by the cops.

So far in the investigation, it has come to light that the IDs of two UPCB employees were used to transfer online crores of rupees. The police are questioning the employees. Various teams conducted multiple stages of questions and answers.

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