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How Cyber Criminals Duped CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Daughter Harshita of Rs 34k Who Was Trying To Sell Sofa on OLX



Representative picture: Arvind Kejriwal and his daughter Harshita Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Daughter of Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Harshita who is also a student of country’s premier engineering institution IIT was duped of Rs 34,000 by conmen while she was trying to sell an old red sofa on an online classified website- OLX.

Unfortunately, Harshita is not alone. Online classified advertisement websites including OLX have become a breeding ground for cybercriminals and the companies have failed to keep a check on such crimes.

Recently a Noida based retired man who posted an advertisement on OLX was duped by fraudsters of Rs 15,000. Interestingly, these criminals call the victim within a few hours of posting the advertisements. Similarly, a Ghaziabad journalist was duped of Rs 5,000 who wanted to sell her furniture.

How Does This Crime Happen:

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and digital payments have made online transactions and buying/selling so easy. Country’s tech-based start-ups are thriving due to simplification and vast network of digital transactions. However, poor security features by tech giants and new tricks of scammers are making hundreds of gullible victims lose their hard-earned money.

As soon as the target uploads pictures and cost of the item to be sold on these platforms, they soon get a call from someone who will claim to be from a nearby area or city. The caller will show his keenness and will also negotiate the price. During the conversation, he will offer to pay a sum of money in advance and promised to pay the rest of the amount in cash at the time of delivery.

The caller will ask for UPI address so the amount could be transferred. The scammer might have promised to transfer the money for the item you have listed on the classified site, but instead sends a request demanding money from you.

The scammer will tells you that he has sent the money, please accept this ‘request’. He says that in order to receive the money you will have to tap on the ‘Pay’ button, while tapping on ‘Decline’ will result in cancellation of the said transaction.

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However, the receiver in a UPI transaction does not need to do anything to get their money. People, unaware of the very fact, end up paying the scammer in the hopes of receiving the money. This small negligence on your part makes you a victim of UPI fraud.

  • The fraudster will create a QR code with a high amount and will share it with you through WhatsApp.
  • You scan the code and enter the UPI PIN (if asked). Some times it doesn’t even ask for UPI PIN.
  • Money get deducted from your account. You’re now scammed.

According to police,  such criminals often post-sale ads on Olx and sometimes pose as buyers. In both instances, he would collect money from the victims and dupe them.

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Delhi police has also warned that conartist also use name of amy officers to duper their targets. In these frauds, a person (fraudster) usually posing as an Army/Paramilitary personnel, contacts the person who is trying to sell a product on websites or apps such as OLX, Quikr, etc. and agrees to pay the asked price for the said good. Red Delhi police advisory here:

Even Olx has recognized the scam and has taken cognizance with awareness programs. To read about more about it visit

Quick Tips:

Verify the credentials of buyer/seller before making or receiving payment.

Buyer/seller showing unreasonable hurry or urgency is a likely fraudster.

Don’t click on any link or scan a QR Code. You may lose money.

Avoid accepting or making advance payment. It may be a trap to defraud you.

Fraudsters use fake identify proof of national institutions to gain confidence and faith. Beware of any such attempt.