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How Fake Call Scammers Are Buying Data From Credit Card Protection Companies To Cheat You, Delhi Police Arrest 11

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police have arrested eleven people for allegedly defrauding innocent people under the guise of extending credit card limits, activating newly issued cards, and redeeming reward points.

The gang was thriving and minting money as they were getting their data from agents working with Noida based Credit Card Protection scheme company.

Police received information that a man named Omaan is operating a illegal call centre in Delhi’s Janakpuri neighbourhood, with the goal of duping several people through credit card fraud in the name of increasing credit card limits, activating newly issued cards, and redeeming reward points.

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This pan India gang of online cheaters obtained information such as the mobile number and name of people who had recently been issued credit cards by a nationalised bank, and then the employees in the call centre provided written transcripts by accused Omaan used to make calls to these people posing as bank executives from the same bank’s Credit Card Department.

They obtained credit card information and one-time passwords from innocent people and then transferred the cheated funds through Mobikwik wallet, which allows users to pay for and save on online transactions. They used this wallet to transfer the funds to several fake accounts set up for the purpose of cheating.

The detained persons claimed that Accused Omaan, who studied up to 12th standard from a school in his native town Kairana, UP and also passed IELTS tests, used to work in a credit card selling company in 2015 for two months before starting DSA for selling credit cards in Janakpuri region.

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He also set up a fake call centre to defraud people who had submitted their resumes for jobs on various employment sites. They used to call applicants and promise to supply a job in exchange for money being put into their bogus accounts.

As he has developed experience in this industry, he has recently been running this bogus call centre for the past two and a half months in order to defraud credit card holders.

He hired two girls as telecallers, who were paid a salary in addition to additional benefits. Accused Kaif used to supply data sheets of credit card holders who bought it from accused Hasim, who bought it from accused Parvinder and Vishal, who got it from accused Ravi and Sajan. Accused Ravi and Saajan were receiving data from Sanjay Pandit, the manager of a software company in Noida that specialises in card protection plans, and the final link in the overall arrest chain.

These accused were employed in a company with an office in Sec-16, Noida, UP and a CPP (Credit Card Protection Schemes) business; they were working in the call centre as senior customer service executives and had access to credit card holders’ data.

This business has a legal relationship with a nationalised bank. All of the defendants have earned up to Rs 50-70 lakh from the cheating racket.

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So far, accused Omaan has received data on approximately 50,000 credit card customers via a chain of multiple intermediate accused persons.

The information was developed further, and on January 31, a raid was carried out by a team comprising SI Santosh and other members under the direction of ACP Raj Kumar Saha, and three people were caught from a rented accommodation in Mahavir Nagar, Delhi, that was being utilised as a contact centre.

102 SIM cards, 14 mobile phones, registers with details of cheated persons and credit card details, transcript of conversation used by the caller to communicate with the targeted persons/credit card holder, and 28 A-4 sheets containing details of newly issued credit card holders that they managed to secure illegally have all been recovered.

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