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How Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) Helped In Linking Scammer To 1,352 Other Cyber Crime Cases



How Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) Helped In Linking Scammer To 1,352 Other Cyber Crime Cases

CHANDIGARH: A 23-year-old Haryana man nabbed by Chandigarh Police in February for a cyber scam has been linked to 1,352 other cases throughout the country.

On April 19, the Chandigarh Police’s cybercrime investigation cell (CCIC) arrested Vikas, alias Vicky Kumar, a Class 10 passout from Fatehabad, Haryana, for defrauding a city woman of Rs 83,979.

His information was given with the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, a centralised hub for cyber crime, following his arrest.

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The subsequent investigation of Vikas’ mobile phone IMEI numbers indicated his involvement in 1,352 cyber fraud cases across India, according to authorities.

The accused committed all of the offences using only four IMEI numbers, which are 15-digit numbers unique to each device.

“We have uploaded and shared the numbers of confiscated mobile phones and the IMEIs of these devices on the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre website, as per the MHA’s regulations. The ICCC is a centralised system where police departments from across the country upload the numbers of seized mobile phones, as well as their IMEI numbers. We received a notification today stating that the analysis revealed an all-India interstate nexus of 1,352 instances involving accused Vikas alias Vicky,” said a senior police officer.

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Vikas was arrested on April 19 in connection with the duping of Gurjeet Kaur, 46, a resident of Sector 23. He is currently imprisoned at Model Jail, Sector 51. Kaur, a government employee, said to the police that she received a phone call from a man who claimed to be a bank official and notified her of a problem with her credit card. The individual informed her that her card had been blocked and obtained her credit card information, after which one of her cards was used to make Rs 83,979 transaction.

During interrogation, he admitted to using bogus Assam and Odisha SIM cards and accounts to defraud innocent people.

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