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How Kashmir Cyber Police Busted Nigerian Gang For Business Scam On Facebook

NEW DELHI: Two Nigerian nationals were arrested by the Kashmir Cyber Police on Wednesday in New Delhi for their alleged involvement in an internet scam that cost a resident of Baramulla, in northern Kashmir, Rs 36.35 lakh.

Isioma Steven and Collins, two accused from Delta Agbor, Nigeria, were held in Sagarpur’s Vashisht Park. Police found 14 distinct make and model mobile phones, a laptop, 14 sim cards, a wi-fi router, and a dongle. Six further arrests in relation to the case, according to police.

The complainant claimed to have spoken with a Facebook user going by the name of T Jessica who identified herself as a purchase manager for the drugmaker Abbott.

The Facebook user convinced the complainant to invest in a business of selling kandu nuts or palm seeds by presenting fictitious bids and orders and guaranteeing lucrative profits.

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The complainant afterwards got in touch with a con artist posing as Jyoti T. Kandu, a businessman who told him that the medicine was of good quality and valued in the pharmaceutical industry due to its therapeutic advantages.

Without being aware of the scheme behind the fraud, the complainant transferred a sizeable sum of money totaling Rs 36.35 lakh into several bank accounts of fraudsters in order to buy 50 packages of kandu nuts.

According to police, after receiving the cargo of 50 packs of kandu nuts, the complainant received another call purporting to be from the Mumbai customs office, in which he was instructed to deposit extra money in order to sell the nuts to pharmaceutical businesses.

The complainant became suspicious and attempted to contact the offered contact information in order to check the facts; however, he received no answer and felt deceived by the Facebook user.

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The complaint then contacted the Srinagar cybercrime police station following which an investigation was carried out.

“During the course of the inquiry, it was discovered that the fraud had been done by the scammers under a highly technically-built set-up, and correspondingly, the digital footprints were followed by an examination of bank accounts that had been used for siphoning money from the complainant,” police stated.

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“In addition, CCTV footage and analysis of suspect phone numbers were performed using high-end technical investigative abilities,” the official said.

Recently the General Public advised the citizens to be careful and not to get trapped by fraudsters or scammers. They will attract by offering several offers, benefits and deals. If you receive any of such offers you can easily report to any of the nearest Cyber fraud calls or simply dial 1930 which is National Cyber Reporting’s Toll-free number.

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