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Pay or Post Nudes Online: This BCA Student Posing As Lesbian Model Blackmailed 40 Aspiring Models



How This BCA Student Posing As Lesbian Model Blackmailed 40 Aspiring Models For Nudes

BENGALURU: A 21-year-old man impersonated a lesbian model on social media and obtained nude images of approximately 40 girls in order to blackmail them. After weeks of online surveillance, police arrested him.

Prapanch Nachappa, a Kodagu native in his final year of BCA at a college in OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, targeted women interested in pursuing a modelling career. He seems to have had a free run until November 2021, when Halasuru police began looking for him after one of the victims filed a complaint. Police have also submitted his phone to be forensically examined.

Nachappa, according to a senior police official, set up a bogus Instagram account in the name of a woman and claimed to be into modelling. He had contacted a number of women and given them his phone number. He requested that they post naked photos in order for them to be considered for modelling jobs. He also offered to pay them Rs 4,000 for each photograph they took.

He threatened to post all of their images on social media after getting the photos before demanding money.

One of the victims just realised she had been duped by the accused and sought the Halasuru police station. She provided the police with all of the accused’s information, as well as their method of operation. She said the accused had fraudulently informed her that he is a homosexual and was depressed as a result of being mistreated by friends and family.

They apprehended him and confiscated his equipment based on hints. They discovered hundreds of photos of women on his phone. According to police, he claimed he did it because he was bored during the pandemic. More research is being conducted.

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