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IIT-Guwahati Develops New Technology For Distortion-Less And Error Proof Data Transmission



By Sunidhi Dubey: In the fast-paced world, focusing on creating technologies that reduce human touch with each advancement, where the scope of error is negligible and where time is treated as money, one major advancement which could be a potential evolution in a “wireless mode of communication” is done by the innovative minds of IITians.

This technology uses light beams, eliminating the use of optical fibers, which were considered the best in the market for the longest time. The different multimedia which include text, image or even voice could be shared with 100% accuracy. One major advantage is the elimination of data leaking in the hands of hackers.

First-hand reported in” Communications physics”,  ”this one to one line of sight communication has been developed by a technical team headed by IIT-G  physics department faculty Dr. Bosanta Ranjan Boruah and Assistant professor at the physics department Abhayapuri College in Assam, of Dr. Santanu Konwar.

In the words of professor Boruah, “Through our tech, the transmission station modulates the phase profile of a laser beam that carries the data. In the process, we also enhance the information content per modulation cycle of the laser beam.” “In addition to eliminating errors in communication, our system is also insulated from hacking and interloping because the receiver decodes the transmitted beam by measuring the phase and not the power of the light beam which makes it more secure than wired and other conventional wireless forms of communication.”

The specially designed wavefront sensors that are used for capturing the transmitted waves are designed to capture the incoming wave unidirectionally, unlike the conventional medium, which is used to send the wavefront multi-directionally. Zernike, orthogonal spatial light modes proved to a huge help in this experiment.

This provides an additional benefit of providing security in addition to ensuring no data leakage during transmission. Additionally, the distortions caused by external means viz. thunderlights, or overlapping of wavefronts are also reduced to negligible. It has been experimented with and found that text messages and images can be transmitted smoothly, even in stormy weather up to 1 Kilometer.

The presence of sound waves instead of mechanical waves presents great advantages ensuring negligible resistance, interloping, and impedance. This could prove to be a stepping stone for the next generation of communications technology!




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