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Indian Police And Security Agencies Look For Make In India Cyber Forensic Products: Do You Have It?

NEW DELHI: Indigenous products and Make in India services are in demand across sectors. Indian agencies and state police are also looking for Indian manufacturers and service providers when it comes to cyber security and forensic products.

A senior MHA official told there are many international service providers but security is one subject that can never be compromised. We always look for Indian alternatives, indigenous products which are as per international standards.

Senior officers said the Indian cyber security and the forensic sector is growing. Many Indian companies have rolled out cutting-edge products which are very useful during surveillance and investigations.

Another senior officer pointed out, there is maintenance and operational issues in foreign products and service providers. It is being found once they sell the product there is no accountability on maintaining it or updating it.

Recently Uttar Pradesh Cyber Crime Superintendent, Prof Triveni Singh showed interest in Make In India products for the upcoming cyber forensic lab in the state.

“We are in the process of establishing Cyber Forensic Lab in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore was interested in getting some knowledge regarding cyber forensic products which have been developed indigenously in India. Developers can share details on,” he wrote on social media.

The need for indigenous tools is so much that C3iHub, the technology innovation hub on cyber security at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) is organizing a webinar with the country’s top cyber experts to discuss the new digital challenges and other cybercrime landscape in India.

The webinar – Cyber Crime Forensics & A National Need for Indigenous Tools – aims at motivating young creators to explore innovative ideas and create indigenous tools in the field of cyber security. These tools can be extremely useful for law enforcement agencies and private companies in keeping a check on digital frauds and other cyber crimes.

ALSO READ: Join Webinar On Cyber Crime Forensics & A National Need for Indigenous Tools By C3iHub-IIT Kanpur compiled a list of tools, technology and forensic equipment which are needed by security agencies:

  • Mobile Forensic
  • Disk Forensic
  • CDR / IPDR / PCAP analysis
  • Darkweb Analysis
  • Cryptocurrency fraud investigation tools
  • Banking Fraud Analytics tool
  • Drone Forensics
  • GPS Forensics
  • OSINT Tools
  • Passware breaking tools
  • Damage Hard disk (data recovery)
  • Audio / Video Forensic
  • Forensic Workstation/ Server
  • Any forensic tool which can  be useful for first responder reaching crime scene
  • Data wiping tools
  • Complete cyber crime Investigation platform
  • Live forensics
  • Network forensic
  • Case management tool
  • Digital Evidence container
  • Image forensic
  • Cyber forensic van
  • Portable cyber Lab
  • Malware Analysis
  • Fraud Risk Management products

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