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Is Your Fixed Deposit Safe? 3 Cyber Criminals Arrested From Malda For Breaking Online FD



Is Your Fixed Deposit Safe? 3 Cyber Criminals Arrested From Malda For Breaking Online FD

PRAYAGRAJ: In a first-of-its-kind case UP Cyber crime police have arrested a gang of cybercriminals from Malda, West Bengal who found a vulnerability in the online banking system and broke into customers’ fixed deposits (FD).

According to the police the gang was also involved in selling SIM cards to other criminals and scamsters on fake identities to further commit crimes. Those arrested have been identified as Sujan Mandal, Biswajit Burman and Ashish Burman. The gang was under the police radar for selling SIM cards procured on fake documents like Aadhar cards.

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The gang during the questioning confessed that they used to morphe the identity of the Aadhar card and get a new telecom connection issued on forged documents. These SIM cards were then sold to criminals in Jharkhand who were involved in cyber crime. Police could not trace the actual accused as SIM used for contacting cyber crime victim was registered in the wrong Ids.

Police said Sujan Mandal was working as a manager with JIO and misused his position by pressurising local distributors and sellers to issue SIMs on fake documents.

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During the questioning, the gang member made a shocking revelation. They said that after getting the banking details of the customer they also broke into many fixed deposits. Victims have complained involvement of banking staff with these cybercriminals.

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“We are investigating how online FD was misused by the criminals without the consent of the customers. Victims have said that no permission was given regarding FDs but still it was misused by cyber criminals. Our team will also examine banking lapsed and where RBI’s guideline was violated to steal public money,” said Uttar Pradesh, Superintendent of Police Prof Triveni Singh.

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