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Join The Free Webinar To Unbox The Magic Of Personal Data Protection Act of India

As professionals who are observing the developments the world over in the domain of Data Privacy, you are all aware that India is in the process of finalising its Personal Data Protection legislation in the form of PDPB2019.

For those who are unaware of this industry development, FDPPI, (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) has put in place a framework to assist the organisations to work towards compliance with the data protection obligations cast on the data processing industry in India, called PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India).

PDPSI is a framework developed by data protection professionals and takes into consideration the needs of an Indian organisation to be simultaneously compliant with multiple data protection laws.

To make our professionals aware of what PDPSI is, FDPPI is organising a free webinar on Sunday the September 19th at 11.00 am (up to 1.00 pm) to introduce the PDPSI framework to the community.

The webinar will be addressed by Vijayashankar (Naavi). Please register yourself at:

It is obvious for many of us to expect that the EU is the leader in Privacy protection and we only need to follow the EU guidelines and their implementation frameworks.

“But we at FDPPI think that while we can pick some good ideas from EU or US or any other country, we need to develop our version of a framework that could help an Indian company to remain compliant with a data protection law whether it is PDPB 2019 or ITA 2000 or GDPR,” said Naavi, Chairman of FDPPI.

PDPSI is a standard developed by professionals with experience in implementing GDPR and other data protection laws and hence is considered as the “Essence of the Essential”. However, it has many provisions which have been specially designed to assist the Indian companies who need a “Unified” system to be compliant with multiple laws and incorporate some futuristic thoughts in Data Governance. Hence it is different from other frameworks.

Whether you would like to adopt PDPSI as framed by FDPPI or to suggest changes and be part of this movement to create an indigenous standard for Data Protection by offering your constructive criticism, you should take time off next Sunday and attend the webinar.

You can encourage your colleagues and friends who may be interested to also register themselves.

After the webinar, FDPPI will be open to receiving all your comments and incorporate your suggestions in developing the next generation of PDPSI. The upgradation of PDPSI-version 1 to PDPSI Version 2 will be the contribution of professionals like you.

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