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Kerala Police Launches Chatbot To Help Public Make Complaints Hands-Free



Kerala Police Launches Chatbot To Help Public Make Complaints Hands-Free

Kerala Police Cyerdome’s Kozhikode section has created a user-friendly chatbot service, Kerala Police Assistant, to allow the public to lodge complaints hands-free via Google Assistant.

P.A. Mohamed Riyas, Minister of Public Works and Tourism, introduced the unique chatbot service, which can be accessed by using the wake-up command, ‘speak to Kerala Police,’ after enabling the voice assistant feature on the mobile phone.

The initial demonstration was attended by Inspector General of Police (North Zone) Ashok Yadav, District Police Chief (Kozhikode City) A.V. George, and Deputy Commissioner of Police Swapnil M. Mahajan.

The chatbot will allow anyone to access Kerala Police services without the need to install any special purpose apps or browsers. They claim that by saying ‘speak to Kerala Police’ in Google Assistant, one can access services hands-free in the most convenient and shortest method.

According to the initiative’s technical team, the chatbot service assists users in locating nearby police stations and filing complaints after seeing crimes such as chain snatching, child abuse, sexual harassment, and aggressive driving. Furthermore, they claim that it will be a useful tool for the differently-abled who rely on voice-assisted search for information collecting.

Senior police officers described it as a great moment for the Kozhikode Police Cyberdome, which had already established itself as a cyber centre of excellence through the public-police partnership strategy in combating cybercrime.

S. Niyas, S. Nighil, O. Sujith, T. Ashwin, K. Abhilash, P. Sivakumar, and K.S. Srikhil were among the Cyberdome officers who collaborated with IT specialists to carry out the project. As other essential specialist members, Cyberdome volunteers Shabeeh Bin Shakkir and Sree Lal provided technological help.

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