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KFC Unit’s License Suspended in Thoothukudi Due to ‘Dangerous’ Violation of Guidelines

The FSSAI licence of a KFC unit in Thoothukudi has been suspended due to the illegal use of magnesium silicate-synthetic for purifying used oil, violating FSSAI standards. The food safety officials confiscated 18 kg of the additive and 45 liters of used oil during the raid. KFC India has stated their adherence to safety standards and is working to resolve the issue swiftly.



Thoothukudi: Food safety officials have taken stringent action against a KFC unit in Thoothukudi by suspending its Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) licence. This measure follows the discovery of the illegal use of magnesium silicate-synthetic for purifying used oil, a practice that violates FSSAI standards.

During an unexpected inspection at the KFC outlet located in the Velavan hypermarket, Dr. Mariappan, the Food Safety Designated Officer, reported that the team found magnesium silicate synthetic, a food additive, being used to purify used cooking oil. This method of purification is not permissible under current FSSAI regulations. Furthermore, it was revealed that the used oils were not properly disposed of, and the use of the additive was not documented in the company’s ledgers.

The officials seized 18 kg of magnesium silicate synthetic and 45 liters of used oil during the raid. Additionally, they confiscated 56 kg of chicken that had been fried 12 hours prior. Samples of the oil purified with magnesium silicate synthetic, along with the chicken, were sent for laboratory analysis to assess any potential health risks.

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In response to these findings, the food safety authorities suspended the FSSAI licence of the KFC unit until further orders. Dr. Mariappan also mentioned that the officials conducted inspections at various panipuri stalls in the district amid allegations of artificial coloring agents being used. Samples from these stalls were also collected for laboratory testing.

KFC India issued a statement in response to the suspension, emphasizing their commitment to adhering to the best practices and international standards in food preparation. The spokesperson assured that KFC sources high-quality oil and chicken from reputed suppliers and complies with all safety and quality standards mandated by the FSSAI and other relevant authorities. KFC clarified that the use of magnesium silicate as a clarifying agent is approved by FSSAI and assured customers that their products are safe for consumption as per the norms.

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