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Know Why Wickr App Is Hot Favourite Of Criminals And New Headache For Investigators



New Delhi: In the digital world the law enforcement agencies have to rely on digital surveillance, technical evidence and mobile forensic to crack a case. But cybercriminals are also looking for newer technology to remain anonymous.

The Wickr Me app has become the new favourite app for drug dealers and other criminals. Indian security forces have found many criminals across India, especially those dealing in narcotics using this encrypted messaging app.

So what is Wickr?

The question in your mind must be about how is Wickr Me different from other encrypted chat platforms and why is it a hot favourite for criminals.

The answer lies with the anonymity it offers. Wickr Inc which was founded in 2012 offers Wickr Me app where messages are encrypted and can be erased by the sender once they have been read.

Yes, Wickr was founded as just another app like Telegram and WhatsApp but unintentionally it has evolved as a communication network for shady underbelly to hide their crimes.

In simple words, Wickr tries to give ultimate privacy and anonymity and ensure that nobody other than the sender and the recipient gets to see their messages. It offers end to end encryption for all files, pictures and videos.

Now what is interesting is that Wickr also allows its users to set messages to “auto-destruct”. This helps a user set a time to delete any conversation or file from his phone. A time or one second or six days can be set. Maintaining secrecy Wickr deletes the conversation leaving no trace that it ever happened.

So now criminal are communicating on Wickr network and then deleting the conversation soon after reading it leaving no evidence for the cops. As these chats are encrypted cops cannot track or decode it. The app is free and can be easily downloaded from the app store of Google Play store.

Recently, Mumbai Police Crime Branch arrested two accused who were allegedly part of a well-organised drug trafficking ring and were buying and selling drugs through the dark web. The gang was found to be using Wickr Me app for communication.

Indian law enforcement agencies have found that criminals are getting sophisticated and are using encrypted software to communicate.

However, Wickr on its official website has said that it is committed to operating in an environment of complete transparency and to cooperating with law enforcement while respecting each individual’s right to privacy.