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3 ‘CBI Officers’ Arrested in First-Ever Case of ‘Digital Arrest’ in Lucknow?

Lucknow’s cyber unit successfully conducted its first “digital arrest,” capturing three fraudsters posing as CBI officers.



CBI Imposters Digitally Arrested in Lucknow

Lucknow: In a big achievement for Lucknow Police, three criminals were apprehended in what officials are calling the first-ever “digital arrest.” The trio, masquerading as CBI officers, orchestrated a complex scam that led to the defrauding of two victims out of a large amount.

The suspects, employing their deceitful tactics, convinced their targets that they were involved in legitimate investigations related to money laundering. One victim, a woman, was duped into transferring Rs 2.71 crore, while another, a businessman, lost Rs 43 lakh.

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The scam unraveled following a report about fraudulent transactions on a doctor’s wife’s credit card linked to money laundering. This led the cyber unit directly to the perpetrators. They executed their crimes through threats and manipulative tactics, including staging fake law enforcement scenarios over Skype calls. During these calls, victims were coerced into staying isolated and transferring large sums of money, falsely believing they were adhering to legal directives.

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The criminals, identified as Yashpal Prasad, Keshav Goel, and Sanket Kumar, operated from Agra. Yashpal, a commerce graduate and the architect of this scheme, had orchestrated similar operations previously, recruiting individuals in smaller cities and promising them a share of the ill-gotten gains.

The timely intervention of the cyber unit has prevented further incidents and highlighted the evolving tactics of ‘digital criminals’, leading to a landmark case of digital law enforcement in action.

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