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Man Booked For Uploading Explicit Picture of Ex-Wife With Her Lover

AHMEDABAD: In a shocking incident in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, a 25-year-old woman filed a complaint at the cybercrime cell as she came across a social media post where her explicit pictures along with her lover were uploaded.

To her utter shock, the person behind this criminal act was none other than her ex-husband who did it out of revenge.

As per the reports, the woman is working at a private firm and was married to a Vatva resident. However, due to marital problems, they both got divorced, and she now lives with her family. The woman is active on the Instagram social media site.

Victim’s lover found the photographs

The woman’s lover told her last September that he had seen their private moments on Facebook under the fictitious name ‘Sanjay Patel.’ She looked at the profile and was taken aback when she saw her photos.

According to the woman, the images were posted without her knowledge, and she had never heard of Sanjay Patel.

FIR has been filed.

Following the incident, the cybercrime cell received an application, which resulted in an investigation. The Facebook profile of the woman’s ex-husband was later linked to cybercrime. According to the police, the woman’s ex-husband gained access to the couple’s private moments in some way.

Out of vengeance, he created a Facebook profile under the fake name of ‘Sanjay Patel’ and circulated the photos to various groups. On Saturday, the cybercrime cell filed an FIR in response to the incident.

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