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MHA Proposes To Observe Cyber Jagrookta Diwas To Raise Awareness Among Students

The Ministry of Home Affairs has proposed to observe “Cyber Jagrookta Diwas,” a day dedicated to raising awareness around cybercrime and its various forms among students, through workshops, interactive sessions, and other events.

Cybercrimes are crimes that contain any digital tool to corrupt an individual or an organisation through malware, phishing, identification theft, monetary fraud, etc. These crimes are without boundaries due to which prevention towards them pose a lot of challenges like criminal and judiciary restrictions.

Apart from the already existing cybercrimes, the increase in social media users and technological advancements have introduced new issues because of which the need for “cyber hygiene” is more important than ever, and individuals of all ages, from children to adults, should be aware of the simple steps they can take to protect their privacy.

The major goal of a “Cyber Jagrookta Diwas” is to raise awareness about cybercrime prevention at all schools, colleges, and institutions through seminars, workshops, engaging activities, and creative sessions.

From October 6, ‘Cyber Jagrookta Diwas’ will be observed on the first Wednesday of each month in all states and union territories, with the primary goal of turning every citizen of the country into a brand ambassador for the prevention of cybercrime. Providing motivation and incentives such as announcing a ‘cyber star of the month’ and a ‘cyber hero of the month’ will help aid the mission.

All states and Union Territories are free to choose their theme for the day, which this year is Cyber Awareness and Cyber Hygiene.

To increase engagement and knowledge about cybercrime, all mass media channels, such as televisions, radios, newspapers, and social media, are encouraged to promote the “Cyber Jagrookta Diwas” effort.

Here are some of the basic security measures and protocols that individuals on the web need to be aware of:

  1. Installing an anti-virus
  2. Remain alert against unusual activities on your devices
  3. Beware of fake pop-ups
  4. Do not accept friend requests on social media from people you don’t know
  5. Always employ two-factor authentication on your devices and emails
Shagun Dhanuka
Shagun Dhanuka
The writer is based in Kolkata. She loves to write about technology, gender issues and child right. She is an avid traveller and a book reader.

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