Minor Held For Stalking and Posting Morphed Picture Of An MBBS Student

Minor Held For Stalking and Posting Morphed Picture Of An MBBS Student
Minor Held For Stalking and Posting Morphed Picture Of An MBBS Student

A juvenile was held by Cyberabad police for stalking an MBBS student on social media and uploading derogatory material from her accounts.

According to the police, the victim filed a police report on February 1, alleging that an unknown person has compromised her email account and made offensive remarks on social media and other places.

The complainant claimed that an unknown person hacked her Facebook account and posted pornographic material. As she attempted to block the social media accounts, the accused began calling her from unknown numbers on WhatsApp and threatened to publish her images online.

After a detailed investigation, it was found that the accused was the complainant’s neighbour, to whom she had provided her phone a few days earlier with instructions to remove her Facebook and Instagram accounts because she was unable to do so due to technical difficulties.

According to the police, the accused juvenile did not uninstall her accounts, but instead updated the passwords and used the accounts from his phone and informed the victim that the problem had been resolved.

Further investigation revealed that the boy even modified the security lock or PIN number of devices linked to their home’s Wi-Fi to give the impression that all of their devices had been hacked.

He also reactivated the complainant’s Facebook account and began sharing her pictures and vulgar messages on her timeline. When the victim girl attempted to update her password with the assistance of another neighbor’s son, the accused reactivated the accounts and sent a message claiming that he had accessed all of their accounts and planned to post morphed pictures of the victim on the internet and steal money from her father’s bank account, according to the police.

The boy was later held and sent to correction home.

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