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NDCRTC Trains Maharashtra Police To Fight Against Cyber Crime



NDCRTC Trains Maharashtra Police To Fight Against Cyber Crime

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra Police has enlisted the help of an organisation that trains IPS officers before their admission into service to train its ranks on sophisticated cybercrime.

The police have chosen the first batch of officers from among their ranks who are skilled in cyber investigation to participate in the training. These officers will later be in charge of training other officers in the force.

In recent years, Maharashtra has seen an increase in incidences of cyber extortion, as well as a cyber-attack that caused a power outage in Mumbai in 2020.

According to a senior IPS official from the Maharashtra Police, the first batch of officers will be trained by experts from the National Digital Crime Resource and Training Centre (NDCRTC).

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“There are six courses in total, each dealing with a different facet of cybercrime.” This training will assist us in dealing with more complicated types of cybercrime that require more than the basic cyber training provided in police stations to deal with cases of cheating. This is the same organisation that teaches IPS officers at the National Police Academy in Hyderabad,” the official explained.

Because the training is costly, only a pilot batch of cops is being trained, according to the official. These officers would be tasked to train other police in their respective districts or commissionerates. “The initial batch of 25 police officers was trained at the Maharashtra Police Academy in Nashik.”

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There are a few more sessions left before these police begin training new officers.

Aside from that, the online courses launched by the Maharashtra police have received a positive reaction from personnel.

The police department had made it possible for officers across the state to master any facet of policing online by using the accessible courses. “If a specific police officer felt he or she required greater clarity on the practise of issuing summons or a warrant, or writing a panchnama, they could choose that course online and gain clarification.” The most popular module is the inquest panchnama, which police must complete after a person dies, detailing details such as the state in which the body was discovered.

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