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Need To Keep Check On Emerging Cyber Crime In Tribal Arunachal Pradesh: CM Pema Khandu

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu said that cybercrime is an emerging arena of crime that is beginning to acquire deadly proportions, particularly in a tribal state like Arunachal.

The Chief Minister stated that because the Arunachalee society is made up of multiple separate and diverse tribes, any misuse of social media platforms may exacerbate petty matters beyond control.

“Itanagar is regarded as one of the largest data consuming cities in the country,” Khandu said during a half-yearly conference of Superintendents of Police and Commandants of different other forces, and he advised that the cyber cell keep continual monitoring and act before it is too late.

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Impact On Tribals

Tribals make up around 69 percent of Arunachal Pradesh’s total population of 13.84 lakh people.

The chief minister emphasised the need of combating cybercrime, saying that in a diverse tribal state like Arunachal Pradesh, any misuse of social media might lead to flare-ups over petty issues.

“Our cops are doing an excellent job in combating cybercrime. It should be noted that this is an emerging field of crime that is trending and more serious, particularly in tribal states like Arunachal Pradesh,” he warned.

Countering Drug Menace

According to the Chief Minister, the drug menace is also a severe issue that can entirely destroy a generation.

“As seniors and guardians of society, we must do everything in our power to save our future,” he stated.

Khandu, who has been pushing community-based organisations and religious institutions to raise awareness among their members, stated that because of the social character of the drug menace, addicted persons must be treated with respect, but traffickers must be prosecuted harshly.

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“Today’s youth’s parents are still farmers.” They work all hours of the day and night to send their children to school. Few people acquire jobs after finishing school, but many struggle to get a foothold in life. These vulnerable groups of young people end up in bad company and become addicted. They do not fit in rural areas and cannot survive in cities, according to the Chief Minister.

He advised the district police chiefs to maintain track of drug users in their respective districts and to provide suitable counselling while keeping their identities hidden.

Strengthening Police Infrastructure

Khandu stated that he will personally follow up on the cabinet decision to create 1,000 police jobs, referring to the existence of 36 non-functional police stations in the state due to a shortage of manpower.

He also took the initiative to follow up on his previous announcement of Rs 100 crore for the building of infrastructure for police officers across the state.

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