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Meet Neeta Chaudhary, the ‘Glamorous’ Police Officer Arrested for Bootlegging in Bollywood-Style Chase

Gujarat Police’s routine vehicle inspection turned into a blockbuster action scene when Head Constable Neeta Chaudhary and notorious bootlegger Yuvraj decided to play Fast & Furious with the cops.



Ahmedabad: In a scene straight out of an action movie, Gujarat’s Crime Branch is back in the spotlight, thanks to Head Constable Neeta Chaudhary and her flair for drama. On a recent Sunday night, Chaudhary, along with a notorious bootlegger, Yuvraj, decided to give Gujarat Police a run for their money—quite literally.

The chase began near Chopdwa Bridge in Bhachau, Kutch, where police were conducting routine vehicle inspections to curb the ever-persistent liquor smuggling in the dry state. A white Thar, driven by the bootlegger, ignored the police signal to stop. Instead of a typical police chase, what ensued was a chaotic hit-and-run as the Thar attempted to ram through police barricades, damaging Fortuner and i20 police cars along the way.

The high-speed pursuit ended dramatically with the police firing at the Thar, finally managing to intercept it at a roadblock. To their surprise, they found not only the smuggler but also Head Constable Neeta Chaudhary, who was apparently too inebriated to appreciate the gravity of the situation. In their possession? A modest collection of 16 bottles of liquor and two cans of beer—an amount that would make any dry state resident weep.

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Charges under IPC sections 307 and 427, along with the Prohibition Act, were slapped on Chaudhary and Jadeja. For those keeping track, section 307 deals with attempted murder—a fitting charge considering they allegedly tried to run over six policemen.

Now, Chaudhary isn’t a stranger to controversy. Her social media escapades have earned her quite the following, and her penchant for luxury cars, bikes, helicopters, and even horses is well documented. After all, why limit yourself to terrestrial vehicles when you can take to the skies? It’s this lavish lifestyle that has made her the talk of the town, often overshadowing her day job as a head constable in the Crime Branch.

As if her arrest wasn’t juicy enough, the police revealed that Yuvraj, her partner in crime, is a seasoned criminal with 16 prior cases and is currently wanted in six more, including charges of attempted murder. The duo’s adventurous spirit and blatant disregard for the law have once again put the spotlight on the intriguing underbelly of Gujarat’s crime scene.

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One can’t help but marvel at Chaudhary’s audacity. Being a head constable clearly wasn’t exciting enough; she had to spice things up with a late-night liquor run. Her arrest has drawn significant attention, not just for the crime but for the sheer boldness and drama involved.

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