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New York Post Hacked: Rouge Employee Behind Posting Racist, Violent And Sexist Headlines Targeting Politicians

NEW DELHI: The New York Post, one of the biggest daily newspapers in New York City, said it was hacked on Thursday after offensive articles and tweets were posted to the newspaper’s website and Twitter account.

Shortly after that, the racist and sexually violent articles and tweets were taken down.

It is thought that the New York Post’s content management system, which is used to publish stories and articles, was hacked in order to change the headlines of stories that had already been published. The offensive tweets were sent using SocialFlow, a popular website plugin that sends stories to social media sites. There were also links in the tweets that led to pages on the Post’s website that couldn’t be reached at the time of writing.

Iva Benson, a spokeswoman for News Corp., which owns the New York Post said confirming that the Post was hacked. The vile and wrong things that were posted have been taken down, and we’re still looking into what happened.

Later, the spokesperson said that the “unauthorised conduct” was done by an employee, but he or she wouldn’t say what proof the newspaper had that the employee was to blame.The New York Post said on Thursday that a worker was to blame for racist, violent, and sexually explicit headlines about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden that were posted on its website and Twitter account.

This happened a few weeks after someone broke into Fast Company’s content management system and sent offensive Apple News alerts to readers. After the hack, Fast Company took down its website for more than a week to rebuild its systems. The hacker, who went by the name “Thrax,” wrote an article on Fast Company’s website about how they found a “ridiculously easy” default password that was used for multiple accounts, including an administrator’s account. This gave them access to the news outlet’s systems.

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