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Newly Formed Cyber Police Stations In Delhi To Start In December: SOPs Released; Read Details Here

NEW DELHI: Before the 15 newly established cyber cell police stations in each of the 15 police districts begin operations on December 1, Delhi Police has prepared a thorough standard operating procedure (SOP) for the police stations.

According to authorities, the SOP, which was sent to all district police officers, contains a timeframe for addressing each sort of complaint. For example, in situations of child pornography or harassment of minors by exploiting their identity, it is required to begin processing the complaint, calling the victims, and contacting the internet service provider within 24 hours. The SOP states that if the police do not discover enough evidence to register an FIR, the action taken report must be filed within 14 days,” according to the SOP circular.

“The specialised stations will guarantee that justice is given to complainants,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) KPS Malhotra, director of the city’s cyber squad, officially known as the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO). Previously, each district had a cyber cell team, but now we will have specialised stations. We encourage citizens to bring their grievances to these stations. The IFSO is also available to deal with complicated cybercrimes that necessitate a larger-scale investigation.”

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In response to escalating online crimes reported by individuals around the city, the Central Government announced the establishment of additional police stations on November 17 to combat prevalent online crimes such as phishing, cheating, child pornography, and online harassment, among others.

According to documents, the police headquarters has already sanctioned a budget of roughly Rs 2 crore for each station to purchase forensic instruments. Investigations will be handled by at least 38 people. The police station will be led by an official with the rank of assistant police commissioner, who will be accompanied by three inspectors, eight sub-inspectors, and other personnel.

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Officers stated that staff from the cybercrime police station would not be engaged in law and order tasks in order to guarantee that the investigation of cybercrimes remains the only focus of these stations. According to the SOP, the investigating officer is granted a week to investigate an online fraud or cheating case, and the action taken report must be produced within five weeks.

According to police authorities, internet crimes have skyrocketed since the pandemic lockdown last year. In the past, police have blamed the increase on more individuals working from home and utilising the internet more, particularly to purchase. According to police data, although they received between 1,500 to 2,000 cyber crime complaints per month before the lockdown, the number of such incidents during the lockdown jumped to approximately 3,000 to 4,500 per month between April and August 2020. The number of instances dropped when the lockdown limitations were lifted, and the police now get between 3,000 and 3,500 complaints every month.

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