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Obscene Videos Disguised As Pranks On YouTube Can Land You In Jail



Obscene Videos Disguised As Pranks On YouTube Can Land You In Jail

The rise of YouTube has been bliss for all creative people. YouTube arguably became an entertainment industry on its own as a lot of creators started coming up with ideas for their videos. 

Making prank videos for YouTube was a trend that started years ago, but it is still very popular. Prank videos draws lots of views because of which few creators are crossing the legal boundaries.

Cyber crime police is not keeping an eye on creators who are violating rules or posting obscene video in the name of content creativity or YouTube videos. Many such cases have come to light where creators are at the wrong side of law. A dedicated team is being made to scan social media platforms.

But, where do we draw the line? 

Mumbai Crime Branch’s Cyber Cell recently arrested a man who had been posting obscene videos on social media in the name of ‘pranks.’ The 29-year-old Mukesh Gupta used to pay the women to be a part of these prank videos which later turned out to be obscene. The catch is that these videos were filmed at public locations like Juhu beach, Bandra Fort, etc.

The Cyber Cell of Mumbai took action against the man when five women including a minor lodged a complaint which stated that one of the victims even considered ending her life because of the obscene video. 

Gupta wasn’t doing all this alone. He was accompanied by Jitendra Gupta, 25, and Prince Sav, 23. Both of his accomplices have been arrested too. According to the reports, Gupta is an SSC topper and runs coaching classes in Thane. 

All for money

Joint Commissioner Milind Bharambe has said that some of his students also appeared in these obscene videos, one of which is a minor girl, who gathered the courage to come forward and register a complaint against him. 

Gupta is the admin of 17 YouTube channels and multiple Facebook pages. The total number of videos uploaded on these channels is 300. The total number of views he was able to get through these videos is 150 million. Gupta earned around Rs 2 crore from these videos. 

The Cyber Cell of Mumbai has demanded these channels and pages be shut. 

Advice for parents:

1. Parents should watch out for their children’s activities as most of the children who appeared in these prank videos did it for some pocket money.

2. In case you witness some suspicious behavior in the name of prank videos, immediately report it to the officials.

3. Never agree to be a part of some video unless you’re aware of the content on the channel.