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The only word which is in maximum use after Corona and Lockdown is online. While we moved in to our homes and tried to make sense of our existence, we became more and more of onlined. *Now that this seems to on an extending spree, this existence has become temporary state, not ad hoc by any chance. Whatever could be done had to be done online.* For many of the even addicted to the social media were certainly were not ready to dispense with the physical existence. Nobody had ever thought about it, there was no need or reason either.

*Getting online is one part and making it effective is another.* If the work is being done just for the heck of it, then it does not serve the purpose. If the learning in the case of school’s online classes is to the tune of what was imparted in school, then there is certainly some issue. *The crux of the matter is to discover the hiccups, iron it out or get ironed it out, then move on into creating a seamless system.* All these systems were not designed for precisely this purpose and there can sure be gaps. *Even on the user side getting habituated would take an effort.*

The encouraging part is that we improve every time we use a particular tool and there should be an earnest effort to do so. *We are using it at this scale for the first time, for all that we do from home.* The generic will slowly be customised to our needs and it will become our second skin in the way a physical classroom or office was. We have already started feeling as these where the things of the past. Cooking training / demo had already moved on to YouTube quite sometime back, now it is in the process of perfection.

Very rarely I got into online lectures, until and unless I was forced to, when left with no choice got into the this mode. *The compulsive speaker that I am, I need a stage to speak.* The meetings on Zoom worked fine, but that was not satisfying for a public speaker. Moving on the Facebook was an experience, with two forays already over on FB Live, I am fairly comfortable. Effort is on to make it as seamless as it was on stage. *Nonetheless, the world is a stage whatever be the medium, only performance counts.*

Sanjay Sahay

Stay home and stay safe.

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