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AI as an IAS Officer? PadhAI Achieves Remarkable Feat

An India-made AI app named PadhAI aced the 2024 UPSC preliminary exam, scoring over 170 marks out of 200 in just seven minutes, signaling a significant shift in the educational landscape.



In a remarkable display of technology, an India-made AI application called PadhAI has made headlines by acing the 2024 UPSC preliminary exams. The AI-powered app not only completed the entire exam but did so with astonishing speed and accuracy, finishing in just seven minutes and scoring over 170 marks out of a possible 200. This score is significantly higher than the typical qualifying score, which usually falls below 100.

Developed by a team of IIT graduates, PadhAI demonstrated its impressive capabilities in a public event held in Delhi on Sunday. The event took place right after the UPSC preliminary exam and was attended by guests from the education sector, the UPSC community, and media professionals. The AI’s performance was live-streamed on and YouTube, allowing a wide audience to witness this groundbreaking achievement in real time.

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PadhAI’s performance outshined even the top human performers. Its answers were compared with those generated by AI models from industry giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google, using answer keys provided by leading coaching institutes.

Karttikeya Mangalam, CEO of PadhAI, stated, “This is the highest score achieved in the last 10 years of UPSC exams. We believe that while our event is the first of its kind, in a few years, such events will become commonplace as several educational institutions race to solve papers quickly and precisely with AIs.”

PadhAI is designed to revolutionize UPSC preparation by offering a range of innovative features. Available on the Google Play Store, the app provides news summaries, smart previous year question (PYQ) search, doubt clarification, interactive answer explanations, and book summaries. These features aim to enhance the learning and efficiency of students preparing for competitive exams.

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The success of PadhAI in the UPSC preliminary exams marks a significant shift in the educational landscape. As AI continues to evolve, its applications in education are likely to expand, providing new tools and methodologies for students and educators alike. The speed and accuracy demonstrated by PadhAI could lead to a future where AI plays a central role in academic assessments, offering quicker and more precise evaluations.

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