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Ransomware Attack On Pharma Company Aarti Drugs



Ransomware Attack On Pharma Company Aarti Drugs

BENGALURU: Following the ransomware attack on IPCA Laboratories, another public-listed Indian pharmaceutical major, Aarti Drugs Ltd, suffered a data leak after the BianLian ransomware group posted its confidential information on a dark web forum.

A ransomware attack targeted Aarti Drugs Ltd. and IPCA Laboratories on September 9th and 10th, respectively. While BianLian ransomware attacked Aarti Drugs, the RansomHouse group targeted Ipca Laboratories.

According to media reports the stolen material from Aarti Drugs comprises commercial and administration data, such as loan paperwork and tax filings. In exchange for the decryption key, the BianLian organisation sought 20 BTC (about Rs. 15.8 lakh). A portion of the material, approximately 6 GB, was eventually sold on the group’s own dark website.

IPCA Laboratories’ 500 GB of data was stolen by RansomHouse gang, which included staff information, formulation data, and financial and audit reports. After ransomware discussions appeared to have failed, the threat group leaked 140 GB of files. Aarti Drugs Ltd, founded in 1984, is a public listed firm that is part of the Aarti Industries conglomerate. The pharmaceutical company and its affiliate Pinnacle Life Science generate slightly more than 620 crore in yearly income, with a large chunk of that coming from the production of active medicinal components.

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